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  1. If any of you play league of legos and wanna play the new ranked dynamic, im diamond so plat/diamond, add me maQe
  2.   Good use of smudge but focus area is a bit confusing, when you look at a signature your eye should be naturally drawn to the render. If you could add a little depth, your render should pop, and work on the focus of the signature you could have some really good ones.
  3.   nice     Everyone goes through some ruts sometimes, just gotta keep a positive attitude.     Sorry to hear that. I remember you have kids, so best of luck in finding a replacement.   I've been busy working, just got a raise a couple weeks ago to 15/hr which is pretty awesome. .     How is gw2? I never got around to playing it, looked boring from what I saw.
  4. I really like the style you aimed for, but I think if you did something to the render it would make it really awesome. Overall pretty good though, 9/10.   hmm this one is hard to rate for me. For what you aimed for it is pretty good. The animation flows really good and the blur around the render to get the feel that it is moving is cool. From this it seems like you know what you're doing but if you really want to make some awesome sigs I would look up some more advanced techniques on an art forum. You seem the have to have the basics down pretty good, 7/10.
  5.   idk what ur talking about, its perfect
  6. alakazam pooping into a pink toilet with flower decorations on the wall, pls ty
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