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  1. So now I have a Fling (a few posts above) that didn't consume hold item Pretty Wing and here I have a Fling that didn't consume a Lucky Egg (Small). I guess if one flings a Damp Rock and it doesn't work, we know they changed it so Fling doesn't entirely destroy an item after battle.
  2. Just because we can access only 7 gyms doesn't mean they have not coded them. If you get to the 7th badge and there are a herd of Snorlax and Wailmers blocking the path to progression, then they just don't want us going passed there yet. This is the initial PTS to check early areas and test balancing. Eventually they should have a PTS with full E4 access and the debug commands so we can really get into it. Back when PokeMMO was new, there was only Kanto and you could only go up to Brock's gym. The horror! The terror!
  3. I found a Sinnoh horde of 1,805 logged onto the forums.
  4. I found a horde of anxious players ready for Sinnoh PTS in Vermillion and a horde of staff standing on a roof.
  5. Now it has used Fling and the item didn't get consumed or vanish. I'm not sure if they saw my above post and made a ninja edit or Fling is wonky and broken. Maybe Pretty Wings can't be thrown because they don't work in a damage calculation?
  6. It seems if they use Fling, it destroys their hold item permanently so that's a thing to watch out for. To reply to someone's early comment that they were getting just Damp Rocks, it seems to be Damp Rocks, Pretty Wings, and Lucky Eggs Small. Be patient.
  7. I would say surf around in the water south of Mossdeep (but still in the city).
  8. Normal server is up, but... Edit: Nevermind. Guess they're still tinkering with stuff. 15 minutes or so left in their estimated time they stated.
  9. Some people use Synchronize pokemon during catching events. This kind of helps them 5% more, but then again, they will now have to use a turn to swap out their Synchronize pokemon to put in their catcher pokemon which takes all the time of a single turn and opens the catcher up to a free hit. *shrugs* Nothing else to see here. Move along.
  10. As far as I know, wild Meowth can hold Amulet Coins that can be traded/sold on GTL (as well as holding Nuggets which NPC vendor for $5,000).
  11. Lucky Eggs have been in the dev's sights for a long time now so we have had some time to expect a change. Amulet Coins is kind of out of left field, but in line with their "expiration-based enhancement" items. It's an MMO so they want to keep people playing (read: possibly donating) for as long as possible. If they keep people hunting consumable lucky eggs and amulet coins, it gives players a "goal" or something to work towards rather than getting a single Amulet Coin and Lucky Egg and sitting on them / using the same one over the days/months/years to come. I'm mainly concerned / laughing a
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