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  1. Me vs @Sebat ~40 minutes from this post
  2. Hi sebat, I will be available for our UU psl match this friday, saturday and sunday moslty from 1pm gmt to 10pm gmt, which day and hour would suit you?

  3. That episode 65 was a pretty good one imo, Vegeta/Trunks Garric gun was awesome. (about the upcoming episode 66)
  4. Well, I won on hax, still a win for our team, but I don't see it as a win for me
  5. Hey bowser, for our UU psl match this week I'm mostly available this weekend from 1pm GMT to 11pm GMT, can you give me any time that suit you?

    1. KingBowser


      I can 1:30pm est time on Saturday. I don't know the conversion, on my phone. 

    2. MisterHide


      Lets go for this

  6. Sup' dude, Can you give me a time for ou intermission match to get done? I'm available friday, saturday and sunday for pretty any time. 

    1. DarylDixon


      for what this match bro

    2. MisterHide
  7. Me vs @Predakiller friday 4pm GMT
  8. Hey man, we have to shedule a time for ou UU psl battle, i'm available moslty from 5-6pm to 9pm GMT everyday, pretty any possible time on weekend suit me, tell me which time you want

    1. Predakiller


      we can have the duel on Friday at 16:00 GMT?

    2. MisterHide
  9. Was just too much busy, didn't got enough time to get my match done, now it's ok
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