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  1. 5th OT, Shiny Ditto. It's not quite what I was looking for, I wanted a good sp def stat to breed with my Milotic, but I mean...I can't complain!
  2. There are wild Chansey in Sinnoh. I always assumed they were going to remove them, but they did this instead. So, I guess we just have to wait until Sinnoh drops to take advantage of this or something.
  3. Team Luna decided to have a team Shiny hunting event at Lostlorn Forest for Petilil, and within an hour we ended up getting two shinies. @Skits and @Lillabon are the lucky peeps. SRIF as always.
  4. 4th OT! Bad stats, but hey...that's shiny hunting. Still, one of my favorite shinies. <3
  5. I'm so jealous, I spent two weeks looking for this little bastard. Congrats! Guess I'm going hardcore to be the first Shiny Oshawott owner now.
  6. I realized my mistake only after it was too late. Though I don't plan on breeding it again so I guess it doesn't matter.
  7. I was unhappy with the IVs and nature, so I bought a Tentacool on the GTS and upgraded. Impish nature, but with the 30 att IVs I can just make it physical. I'm way happier with this one, though. Plus it's still OT.
  8. Unbelievable, 726 encounters in and I've got my third OT. I was just burning easy encounters so I felt better about single encountering Gothita, but hey you know what I'll take it.
  9. Second OT, two weeks of non-sweet scent hunting and two donor status tickets. I was looking for Snivy of course but damn I'm happy either way.
  10. I see a guy with a shiny Volcarona every day I'm doing my gym rematches. I don't know if it's a gift shiny, but there is at least one other. Oops, nevermind. I guess I forgot what shiny Volcarona looks like.
  11. In fairness, depending on whether or not it's a simple to make change I think it's something that should be considered. I've always found it weird how the Gym Leaders and Elite 4 in Kanto have their good looking HG/SS sprites, but in Hoenn they look like they do in Pokemon Emerald. Even if it can (and likely has) been done through mods, it's just something that would be nice if it was actually officially in the game.
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