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  1. Some things are more likely, some things are less likely. I'd say us getting sinnoh in a reasonable amount of time below your estimate: highly possible. You receiving a brain transplant to finally think and act like a proper human being: impossible.
  2. IGN: CHUCKunso Time Zone (GMT format): +1 Tiers: OU, UU if needed and some comps are provided Fluff: Want to get active again, what's a better way to enforce that onto myself than PSL?! :D
  3. Yeah I don't think staff is even remotely considering this idea. And I am pretty glad they don't. Otherwise the flood of alts would just be insanely dumb. I am not angry about your idea, I am just annoyed that you call this shitpost of yours an idea on par with other proper ideas.
  4. In fact you make more at the moment if you are able to clear kanto+hoenn for example. You make even more if you do an E4 run before! So let's face it, the pickup nerf was kinda meh, there might be a reasoning behind that but not too sure here. The berry-nerf was 100% needed, no arguing about that. Anyone who disagrees on that is simply not aiming to play an MMO. Gym runs on the other hand got buffed while yen value increased. If you really invest some time into the game now and do gym runs you will gain more money now compared to before the changes (excluding berryprofit but those were out of hand anyways) while yen is worth more now. So concerning gym runs the pure value of one run did not only go up due to yen value going up but also due to amulett coin being more profitable if you are not jerking off while running. In my opinion these changes were quite healthy. The economy itself is just in stress right now due to the change itself. Once the prices stabilize there will be more transactions for sure and the game will not feel as dead ecomonywise. The only complaint I kinda understand is the downside of having to fully focus for the duration of the amulett coin. It might be more enjoyable if there are some changes like x-battles per use while keeping the max-value you can gain stable.
  5. OP didn't do proper math either so don't worry
  6. You need a properly planned team for E4. Running Hoenn super consistently and kanto rather consistently (but tbh you only need one region unless you want to run E4 into E4 for your coin) with a low baton pass team (only gorebyss as a passer) and gotta say for now it feels rather worth it due to spending 5 min of the coin to get the investment in it back.
  7. Okay now holy shit, stop all this crying! In PokeMMO history there have been so many changes that fucked people over way harder than this. Sometimes fewer (RIP TeamUnicorn!), sometimes more players. The change to Yen from mainly Lucky Eggs, most of the breeding changes, etc. We never got something to compensate for it or an early warning, that's how the game works. And to be fair, some of these changes were way more arguable than this one. Just adapt and move on!
  8. Mac is not fixed yet. Does not even try and open after reinstalling. Trying to launch via panel results into the message that com.pokeemu.client.Client could not be loaded
  9. Just casual finding the shiny I was aiming fornot
  10. Any way I (as a noob concering mods) could put the old shiny reuni sprite in the newest version? I prefer the old one by a bit due to it looking more wobbly and not so tentacly sorta xD
  11. 5th? 6th? I lost count. 100k+ encounters since my last shuppet...we at that spot again. Gratz to Davide tho!
  12. let's go to battling

  13. In case you are not a nativ speaker: Right now... Edit: And in case you are let me help you as well: Right now definition...
  14. Yeah, this sort of negative transparency is totally unconvincing /s
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