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  1. Looking for a godly adamant or careful ditto. At least 2x31 2x29 (Not Speed, Atk or HP) for stats besides SpAtk. At best 3x31 1x29+ Paying good!
  2. Not my bad if you don't listen when I tell you the first time where the grass is and then assume it's where I went to check for MORE grass bots but where I did not call any :P
  3. Imagine SE miss, Wfall flinch on Conk or crit kill and then perfect Ice Fang + Whip coverage for Chomp+Wash
  4. This is the most important aspect! I see a lot of people stating that it's a matter of opinion but there is actually a very valid argument with this for the new system. So I don't get the opinion circlejerk that got opened up last thread.
  5. Well I hardly disagree here, the prizes being different makes it feel different compared to MMing at least Imo. I rather enjoy close matches starting from even footing than a onesided sweep because I just got lucky or unlucky and this is especially relevant when the prizes are relevant as well. So I don't get how you can look at either w/o the other.
  6. I'd like to play the ranked system you do where there are shiny and RP Rewards dude.
  7. If you want to make an argument but don't have a point just post random shit.
  8. Okay I see, I didn't know that - but why is his name different in this week all of the sudden? Lmao
  9. Well I don't value it as a relevant skill because it's yet again something that enables players with more resources to do better (e.g. having a team scout for them, etc.) opposing to giving the better play an edge per se. That's certainly a point, yet as my above mentioned point should make clear there is more to resources besides having the comps. My experience from before this change was that there were A LOT of people hardcore fishing for matchups. And while I do agree that prebuilds certainly help you theoretically to not be c-teamed you'd need 6-7 prebuild teams if you don
  10. Okay so I have not read every response yet but Imo the way it is right now is the best as it combines scouting/building different teams and building a solid overall team. Usually you can use your solid go-to team up until Quarters, meaning from this point on you can actually scout people and build accordingly to their style. So Imo the skill of scouting is very much relevant but more so in the games that matter - the semis and finals. The current system also enables people with less resources to do deeper runs because they only need one good team to go deep and if they don't get c-teamed
  11. Any other wrong infos in the Sheet? Checked and you are right, which puts you at 35 Edit: Checked your line up with the threads itself. Seems like Huar has actually 0 wins instead of 1 as mentioned in the sheet and Cristi is 5-2 instead of 5-1, besides that I didn't see any mistakes because the other players had all 7 games put in if played - but then again I didn't do it like super carefully so might want to check yourself again.
  12. GG Lunas, Senju vs I now for funs right after Edit: I win and therefore close our season of with a little W at least. GG guys!
  13. Isn't that like - right now? Neither of the two on so maybe I am just dumb
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