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  1. That is not true. As stated above removing Guts enables burn as a way to deal with Conk. Lefties Guts can be as oppressive for the meta as Flame Orb Guts Imo. Not even Haze Cofa can 100% counter Lefties Bulk Up Guts. To add to that: CB Sheer Force Conk can reliable OHKO Bold Mence and full HP Gengar with Ice Punch without Rocks iirc (even tho it might be niche). This way we keep Mach to keep Hydreigon in check as well.
  2. I guess Pachi means nature info -> info about speedtiers and roles -> decisionmaking
  3. I am not just worse, seemingly I am worst than Cris. Dude I am sorry how this all went down, but there is no reason to post this, I suppose, private conversation when the week isn't even over. Sadly in this case behaving in a certain way was not helping his case but this point aside: there were rules set in place at the beginning of the season which were followed today. You can be a uguu to me for taking the win over taking the rematch but the rules were agreed up on by all the players and managers when we signed up. No reason to uguu about hosts, community or anything but me here if you want to be fair yourself. Edit: TIL Forum censors a man's genital to uguu.
  4. Vs CristhianArce after Tito vs Gasai!
  5. This is prolly the best approach. Banning Flame orb on it won't cut it in my opinion because Bulk Up Conk can be as much of a problem with Lefties but with Guts gone there is actually a proper counterplay to negate the pressure Conk brings to the table and that would be to burn it. Sheer Force Conk doesn't lack the damage to still be a threat in our current Meta and would still be able to pressure Hydreigon decently (even tho the Draco problems might still get out of hand then!).
  6. I do agree with most points you make but Imo it would be false to review Conkeldurr and HO in a vacuum. The Problem for HO is not "only" Conk, even tho it certainly is something that limits teambuildings and can rip certain HO teams apart for sure. The combination of Conk and Rotom-W is actually what pretty much shuts down HO teams as an archtype to a certain extend. SD Glis always had a huge pressure when it came in on Conk and could potentially sweep depending on the set (Taunt vs Agility mostly) and therefore matchup but Rotom-W just shuts it down so hard it is rarely a reliable option. Starmie most certainly doesn't like Rotom-W as well and that just enables Conk to oppress HO as much as it does. Before Sinnoh I had no problem building and running HO teams that worked well despite Conk, the new pairing made it a lot worse tho.
  7. There are upsides and downsides to that Imo. It would make the high elo meta change over time due to teams changing based on matchup, which is a nice touch and rewards ongoing teambuilding. But on the other hand it would enable cteaming a lot more which should not be weighted in as much in a ladder system Imo.
  8. Agreed - also make sure to adress matchfixing if possible. Gifted wins in top 20 is just a big F.
  9. Starting PSL with some upsets is always nicefor everyone but us I suppose
  10. Now everyone not scheduling 24h after this post has to donate 50k to the prize pool!
  11. King's rock is already debatable in my opinion because it induces a lot of luck reliance but quick claw doesn't "add" an effect, it legit removes a certain aspect completely hence I totally agree!
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