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  1. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #4

    Facing Elvessss in 10 :) gg
  2. let's go to battling

  3. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #3

    Brian vs me in 20min :) Edit: gg
  4. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #3

    found it, used search and all but did not find it but manuel worked
  5. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #3

    Does Brianatackpro have a Forumaccount?
  6. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #2

    goon did not show up, there was nothing to edit.
  7. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #2

    Rematch or what?
  8. CHUCKunso

    World Cup week #2

  9. CHUCKunso

    World Cup Week #1

    AlejandroGB vs CHUCKunso in ~20min :) Close one, gg!
  10. CHUCKunso

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    In case you are not a nativ speaker: Right now... Edit: And in case you are let me help you as well: Right now definition...
  11. CHUCKunso

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Yeah, this sort of negative transparency is totally unconvincing /s
  12. CHUCKunso

    Upcoming Update and Dungeons

    Gets told people work on dungeons but not as their main focus right now, concludes there won’t be dungeons... How are you even able to breathe with such now brainfunctions?
  13. CHUCKunso

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    here we go again :D
  14. CHUCKunso

    [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    Maybe I don't but so far I understand how to find shiny shuppets sadly

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