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  1. Just casual finding the shiny I was aiming fornot
  2. Sup guy! :D EVing/Lvling again. 510 = 50k 510 + Lvl 50 = 65k I do level to 100. Prices vary depending on the mon in question tho, therefore please contact me directly with information so I could give you an offer. If interested either hit me up IG (CHUCKunso) or send me a Mail with the mon, cash and details. I usually don't take long but if you are in a hurry make sure to contact me if possible. Currently: On vacation for a week. Idk if I'll be able to do much there. If you are in a hurry make sure to rather use someone else. As soon as this disclaimer disappears the service will be fully live again. Costumerlist got lost over the year but what ever, I do my job well! ;D
  3. Any way I (as a noob concering mods) could put the old shiny reuni sprite in the newest version? I prefer the old one by a bit due to it looking more wobbly and not so tentacly sorta xD
  4. I am sorry there was no proper teaching about metaphors in the school you went to. Let me help you out.
  5. Okay most people argue to allow coaching because we can't stop/prove it anyways most of the time. But would you allow murder if there is a high chance of the murderer getting away most of the time as well? This argument is just plain stupid. There should be no coaching allowed, it goes against what the PSL is made for - valuing each player in terms of skill/experience/versitility... Does that mean we can and therefore should enforce sort of an "anti-coach"-standard? Not really. It's just not possible, there will always be ways to avoid it. Make it decently hard and punish coaching if evidence is found. Not guilty unless proven otherwise. But to allow it per se is just a terrible idea imo!
  6. 5th? 6th? I lost count. 100k+ encounters since my last shuppet...we at that spot again. Gratz to Davide tho!
  7. Gimme the 16 if free, if not I’ll take a random one :D
  8. let's go to battling

  9. In case you are not a nativ speaker: Right now... Edit: And in case you are let me help you as well: Right now definition...
  10. Yeah, this sort of negative transparency is totally unconvincing /s
  11. Gets told people work on dungeons but not as their main focus right now, concludes there won’t be dungeons... How are you even able to breathe with such now brainfunctions?
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