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  1. @calidubstep why did u @ me lol and hi I'll be back on next update or when I find catching pokemon to be fun again and profitable <3
  2. @jlxgattss you want it to be the mega one or just the normal one
  3. fixed issue where you could not see some grey text in settings
  4. VERSION 1.0 Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15xdqifW9dXEFNOi6c_lNaDYVQ280_P0b ScreenShots:
  5. had a nice laugh that this love the name and your comment
  6. shouldn't the list of pokemon on that website include black and white pokemon?
  7. Q_Q i know not the best month and day to start on.
  8. updated and fixed @awkways @lapqlsm i will start the next ones at the end of the week and light blue will be in there <3
  9. oh a 2012 thread :) looks like im in second if u dont count desu
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