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  1. I just spent a week making a level 100 shedninja. After negating 2 attacks he becomes vulnerable. Shedninja is no longer useful....
  2. I’m done with this game. I’ve spent 5 years (off and on) playing this game. Came back a few months ago and created a new character. I have spent the last 3 weeks trying to create 4 teams for the E4 in each region that won’t require you to revive. I beat them all once, now I’m stuck breed 30/31 iv’d Pokémon because my current are too weak to survive the E4, let alone the champions. The devs have made E4 rematches so difficult that you basically have to breed comp Pokémon in order to beat the E4 rematches. On top of that, Our Pokémon don’t even have hidden abilities yet the npcs Pokémon do? Idk how old this game is but in 5 years I have seen Hoenn, Sevii islands, Unova, and now Sinnoh be implemented. Of all the regions Kanto and Hoenn have full content. We still don’t have Hidden abilities and the worst part, I can’t even encounter legendaries that I can catch AND keepc they’re Only temporary. That’s what I loved the most from my childhood game. I can’t anymore.
  3. So why haven’t these been added yet? There is so many Pokémon that could be good but aren’t because they don’t have there hidden ability. I noticed that pretty much all the gyms and E4 have hidden abilities. One example is Ninetails. A few gyms use Ninetails because it’s part of the “strategy”. I mean they are already strong enough without them. TL:DR Why have hidden abilities been added for the npcs but not the players?
  4. It’s a little late, but... I found a porygon swarm in Hoenn once, so you could also try that if you want OT and don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  5. Android allows third party apps, while iPhone does not. So no I doubt it will ever be for iPhone. Pretty sure Apple has to approve for all updates or something like that and for the devs it would be a pain to do.
  6. So they do spawn, just no way of locating them like in Hoenn. Someone should make a guide for this. The only guide there is only shows the locations for the swarms, doesn’t give any other info on how to find them in each region or how often they spawn.
  7. So been trying to hunt swarms recently and been successful in Hoenn since the TVs tell you where they are. But for Unova, Sinnoh and Kanto I’m at a loss. Kanto I’m assuming there are none since it was never implemented in the original games. In Sinnoh your rivals little sister is supposed to tell you where they are after obtaining the national Pokédex. Lastly, In Unova the monitor at the gates are supposed to tell you where they are but they are blank and every now and then an image of “1” and a bunch of colors squares pop up. Have the Sinnoh and Unova swarm “Locators” not been implemented? Also how often do they spawn?
  8. Definitely not. There's only one friend that I would do that with and he thinks Pokemon is "gay" so....I might try that.
  9. So I just recently started playing again after about a 2-3 year break and I come on to find that I have no items. Well I have a few items, but nothing important (besides utility/story items). All of my held items and my TM's are gone! I've been back for about a week but created a new account, you know start fresh. Well I guess I didn't have a choice in the matter...I mean I still have my Pokemon. I also had to fight the E4 again. So was there like a Item wipe while I was gone? Before I left there was no Unova and when you breed you kept your parents. EDIT: I was breeding also...those Pokemon are now gone...
  10. Thanks, forgot about dragon rage! Also never really bothered with Smeargle, so didn't know anything about him (just looked him up). Looks hard to get those moves lol. I recently got an item called "ring target", not sure how it works, but would that possibly work?
  11. So I've been wondering if there is a move that is similar to False Swipe as in it leaves the opponent with at least 1 hp. I use False Swipe for catching pokemon, but Ghost type are immune and Rock and Steel are not very effective, so is there another move like False Swipe?
  12. So was farming Onix's for some good IV's and I caught one holding a metal coat. Just thought I put that out there.
  13. What if were to catch a Shiny? would that like...be bonus points or what?
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