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  1. Jerryzoo

    Team Tournament June (30th, Saturday)

    Team Name: DustInTheWINDTeam Tag: WinDRegistered Players: MightyBoxer, Cyzero, Panoulhs, ninjaleel, DuskDullahan, SirReezy, Tmuse, Mystic, ArgoWang, SecretKirbzTeam Captain: Panoulhs
  2. Jerryzoo


    Pm me on discord so we can play
  3. Jerryzoo


    I'm down to play, only have it on xbox one :| I hear I can cross platform play with pc and mobile. let me know.
  4. Jerryzoo

    Buying RNG

    Haha very funny. Just so you know we have a section for pictures to be posted.
  5. Jerryzoo

    A and B buttons in wrong order

    It does feel weird. Its one of the 1st things I noticed, I caught myself spamming B wondering why my pc won't open.
  6. Jerryzoo

    7.0 Android Fatel Memory Issue.

    https://pokemmo.eu/download_file/?id=10 The link Desu posted worked. No issues can run at 60 FPS.
  7. Jerryzoo

    Error Fatal out of memmory

    It worked for me.
  8. Yes. No. Unlikely. (but you can dream)
  9. Jerryzoo

    7.0 Android Fatel Memory Issue.

    Yeah, I went way over 500MB. Unfortunately, it didn't help. I even tried to clear away every background app. Nothing to do but wait at this point.
  10. Fatal OutOfMemoryError I've done all I can, cleared out many things, reinstalled various variables, changed FPS, etc. Nothing has worked. (Yes I closed many things and much much more.)
  11. Jerryzoo

    A Player you will never forget.

    @Bluejim @TheChampionMike @SamuraiHunter etc, etc. ZamP was fun, rip.
  12. Jerryzoo

    Carry your Team Mate with you while HM Surf, Fly

    Yes, lets add this so I can kidnap my teammates. \OГo-< On a serious note And there is no real point.
  13. Jerryzoo

    A Player you will never forget.

    DarylDixon..we'll miss you bro.

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