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  1. Jerryzoo

    Entai found

    Lets not forget about the Mew
  2. Jerryzoo

    LF team samples

    This should help.
  3. Jerryzoo

    Dusclops (eviolite), Dusknoir or Gengar?

    Since this thread has been inactive for over 2 weeks, I will now be locking it.
  4. jerry our hero

    jerry our boss

    jerry the best

  5. Jerryzoo

    Marriage System

    I cannot, My heart cries for another..
  6. Jerryzoo

    OU Viability Thread

  7. Jerryzoo

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: Jerryzoo Timezone: EST Fluff: No don't pick me. I might end up trying. Preferred Tiers: OU UU NU Most Preferred Manager:
  8. Jerryzoo


    Server is up
  9. Jerryzoo

    Goodybe MMO

    o7 I wish you the best although we've only known each other for a short time, You were a kind and caring person to be around, thank you Terresa. Part of me wished we met sooner. I'm sure we walked by each other all these years we've played together. Time flies.
  10. Jerryzoo

    Lavender Ghost Events!

    Please review here, this is the correct place for hosting unofficial events in general.
  11. Jerryzoo

    What do you like to do while playing PokeMMO?

    Watch the Chinese player base slowly, but surely take over our community.
  12. Jerryzoo

    Useful Links for Competitive Play

    Updated 8/29/2018 Added new and updated current guides
  13. Jerryzoo

    about report

    You will need to wait for the Report to be reviewed, Please be patient as these are delicate matters.
  14. Jerryzoo


    Currently there is a little issue with our server, it will be restored soon

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