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  1. Closed please let me know if you need anything else.
  2. He went away for 3 weeks personal matter. After I'm told he is going on vacation, but he plans to log in during that.
  3. I'm going to need more information to assist you, I understand you are saying something is wrong with the mail and PC. Here is some general information, you can open your mail within the PC to claim your item that was mailed, but you must ensure that the name is spelled exactly as named within the game. If you plan to mail an item or Poke you need to be on the PC.
  4. I was away for a few weeks, I am here accepting Club application now, feel free to send me a message. If I have for some reason haven't gotten back to you please send me another message. @Akshit I will be handling those inactive clubs I like to give people time to respond if they team is still around, but I should be more strict on it. (I'll speak with the others about rule 9), thanks for bringing attention where need be. Any further questions regarding clubs please send me a message, I'll be more than willing to answer.
  5. Happy birthday Jerryzoo

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    2. MGRazor


      Yeeet, go celebrate with more Panda Express than usual and Happy B-Day, Jerrbear ☆.~

    3. Bestfriends


      Happy Birthday Jerry!

    4. NonoPetitRobot


      Oh happy birthday bro !!

  6. You must source your own ROMs no one here can tell you how or where to locate one and no one may provide you with one.
  7. Since this has been resolved I'm locking this thread.
  8. Someone here had to destroy a .gif picture to add it on his profile xD

    1. Jerryzoo
    2. Diano



      You don't have this limit?

  9. You can check the clock in the game. 21:00-6:59 = Night time- As others have said we cannot undo this evolution for you.
  10. Who are you again?
  11. Hello friends? are we here? I miss you guys.

    1. Bestfriends


      I am here.

    2. Diano


      Hey dood, still active bb

      ZVIS boss forever in the heart

    3. SuperRaditz


      Whats up jerry i though Tom the Cat had u accompanied 

  12. @Akshit does a wonderful job, I plan to use his service again after how quickly and efficiently it was done. His communication was also very well mannered and helps me remember details about the service in case I forget.
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