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  1. WindTeam Name: DustintheWind Team Tag: WIND Registered Players: Rynners, Blue, ChampionofCapua, Staggiie, Cinthel, Gatpen, Vegeta, Ninjaleel, TooFastForJack, EthanOs, MightyBoxer, Khaeseel, donttakethebait, LazyDarren, CoolLikeJerry Team Captain: Blue
  2. Someone here had to destroy a .gif picture to add it on his profile xD

    1. Jerryzoo
    2. Diano



      You don't have this limit?

  3. You can check the clock in the game. 21:00-6:59 = Night time- As others have said we cannot undo this evolution for you.
  4. This subforum is where you can go to ask all of your competitive questions regarding the PokeMMO's metagame or if you are seeking critique on your team. If you create a new thread asking for assistance on your team, please include any relevant information, such as movesets, abilities, natures, and held items during your thread creation. Threads that do not seek assistance about the PokeMMO metagame or a team build related to PokeMMO do not belong in Competition Assistance and will be removed. This is not the place for us to discuss this, try general discussion. Feel free to create a new topic on it, or join a similar discussion here https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/91107-team-preview-zoroark-coincidence/
  5. Who are you again?
  6. Hello friends? are we here? I miss you guys.

    1. Bestfriends


      I am here.

    2. Diano


      Hey dood, still active bb

      ZVIS boss forever in the heart

    3. SuperRaditz


      Whats up jerry i though Tom the Cat had u accompanied 

  7. Thanks for the theme Staggiie its AWESOME!

    1. Staggiie


      I'm glad you like it boss :D

  8. Bestfriends has the most amazing About Me section on PokeMMO forums.

  9. Since this question has been answered I will now lock this thread.
  10. Pumpking hibernates for Winter. Yum Yum lots of candy.
  11. The Pumpking grows stronger because we keep feeding it!!
  12. The servers are not closed. Please follow the link here if you continue to have issues.
  13. Got a new Sig

    1. Bestfriends



    2. Diano


      Cool signature, boss



    3. SneakyTeddi
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