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  1. Why oh why? I have no clue why we need to make the timer so long and totally random, sometimes its seconds and other times 20+ minutes to get an egg. You are already killing the parents so theres no reason to even make us wait since we cant abuse anything by breeding faster.... All I can see is upsides for everyone, instead of taking 5 hours to breed something itll take 1, and with those 4 extra hours you can do so much stuff, ev train, grind for money, battle, have an actual life? So my suggestion would be to make eggs instant instead of random egg timers that make no
  2. Please go ahead and enlighten us on how and why it is this way. We are here to support this game, I prefer knowing before hand and trying to help and adjust it than to just be dumped with your idea that makes everyone redo perfectly good comps. And for someone who said that new expensions brings new grinds, yeah Im totally up for that I dont care. Did you see the number of pokes we have to breed now? the number of pokes that are now viable and werent before? I mean, theres so much new stuff to get that why should we ruin perfectly good stuff?.... And an other dude was
  3. what about female comps? what about genderles comps? You can just decide just to not implement the hidden ability of a pokemon, like speed boost blaziken. Just like the ability pill it will do nothing when used on a pokemon when theres no other ability to be obtained. This is just stubborness from the developement side, I dont see a downside on a reward at the end of the dungeon vs farming a hidden abillity poke. Its just frustating to throw pokemons out of the window, these are all wasted time on the players part. I have 9k hours on this game and I think every player with 5k+ hou
  4. I dont get why not? if its a better way for everyone why would they go out of their way to make our lives miserable? OFC if nobody says anything about how they feel then they will never know and it will never change. Im just hoping this thread will help forward things in the right place. And I didnt say just implement an hidden ability pill, its still gonna be a grind but at least its gonna be something else than just rebreeding perfectly capable comps. Thats just a waste of money and time.
  5. Ok so its been a long time since I havent posted anything on these forums, just because I felt like everything was running smoothly. But now ive just learned on how devs are planning on planting hidden abilities. I dont know about you but for me having to rebreed over 50 comps just because of new hidden ability that otherwise makes them uncompetitive is just a slap in the face for me. I mean, ok if nobody has multiscale dragonite , dragonite is still competitive since no one else has the 20x better ability, but once you implement the hidden ability the normal dragonite
  6. srsly? what about the white walkers, I doubt they would leave now after hearing this shitt. They have no choice but to stay even if sansa died.
  7. come online x

  8. All we want is new mons to make pvp less stale, the way they do it is completly irrelevant. As you stated, nobody cares about pve much, so we do need more mons to give our PVP scene a much needed rework. Also, why are you complaining before you've seen the end result, you don't even know if they are gonna add legends, gen 4 mons spread out in gen 5 areas etc. Usually people complain once you've seen the end result or give their opinion to try and improve said end result. All that you've been doing is screaming and punching for no reason other than you want to be different from eve
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