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  1. Why oh why? I have no clue why we need to make the timer so long and totally random, sometimes its seconds and other times 20+ minutes to get an egg. You are already killing the parents so theres no reason to even make us wait since we cant abuse anything by breeding faster.... All I can see is upsides for everyone, instead of taking 5 hours to breed something itll take 1, and with those 4 extra hours you can do so much stuff, ev train, grind for money, battle, have an actual life? So my suggestion would be to make eggs instant instead of random egg timers that make no freaking sense. Pls help?
  2. Please go ahead and enlighten us on how and why it is this way. We are here to support this game, I prefer knowing before hand and trying to help and adjust it than to just be dumped with your idea that makes everyone redo perfectly good comps. And for someone who said that new expensions brings new grinds, yeah Im totally up for that I dont care. Did you see the number of pokes we have to breed now? the number of pokes that are now viable and werent before? I mean, theres so much new stuff to get that why should we ruin perfectly good stuff?.... And an other dude was comparing this to WoW and with new expensions old stuff are obsolete, I get that and im not ranting for my old NU comps that are 98% useless in todays metagame even in NU, im complaining because theres stuff that are perfectly fine and wont be once their HA are implemented and thats something I really hate, we already lost so much money with old comps being obsolete for now having fine stuff in todays meta be useless aswell. This has become way too much grind for anyone to enjoy at this poinjt...I doubt that if pve dungeons are so tightly related to pvp I will continue to play because I dont have the time to grind myself the dungeons and be able to compete in pvp. And im pretty sure I wont be the only one... And what? people are not supposed to breed stuff just because they will have MAYBE someday have HA implemtend? that just doesnt make sens it puts the game in a mode where nobody wants to breed anything therefore the game is really stale and nothing changes. Ive bred most of the new mons and yes it would be really a pain if their HA would be implemtend this way, id lose a bunch of money and time on something that doesnt need to be that way. But there are plenty of non new mons that have good HA.
  3. what about female comps? what about genderles comps? You can just decide just to not implement the hidden ability of a pokemon, like speed boost blaziken. Just like the ability pill it will do nothing when used on a pokemon when theres no other ability to be obtained. This is just stubborness from the developement side, I dont see a downside on a reward at the end of the dungeon vs farming a hidden abillity poke. Its just frustating to throw pokemons out of the window, these are all wasted time on the players part. I have 9k hours on this game and I think every player with 5k+ hours are tierd of useless grind that we already have done. This is just silly tbh..... And about the exploring dungeons....In the xmas event there was no point in exploring the dungeons and everyone still did, after 2 days everyone knew everything that had to be learned about the dungeon...This is a pvp game not a pve dungeon thingy....if anyone would play this game for the pve aspect of it the game woulda died before its launch. Not to be mean but everyone that sticks are here for the pvp aspect or something similar to it. Nobody cares about your 3rd point about giving value to dungeons. After everyone will have what they want the dungeons will die like every other pve aspect that has nothing to do with pvp like everything that was done before. Once the hype of the dungeons are gone and everyone has what they came there for it will die because you can get and sell hidden ability pokes on gtl VS having to complete it for X number of hidden ability pills. The hidden ability pills can even become a secondary prize in events. So the later solution will make it so that dungeons will be relevant for far longer since you will need the ability pills to actually perfom in pvp vs getting them on GTL for a discounted prize after a while and just making everyone rebreed their shitt. Its far easier to catch pokes with hidden ability vs having it as a reward. Its just way less annoying to have to rebreed 1/3rd of your comps for no god damn reason thats all.
  4. I dont get why not? if its a better way for everyone why would they go out of their way to make our lives miserable? OFC if nobody says anything about how they feel then they will never know and it will never change. Im just hoping this thread will help forward things in the right place. And I didnt say just implement an hidden ability pill, its still gonna be a grind but at least its gonna be something else than just rebreeding perfectly capable comps. Thats just a waste of money and time.
  5. Ok so its been a long time since I havent posted anything on these forums, just because I felt like everything was running smoothly. But now ive just learned on how devs are planning on planting hidden abilities. I dont know about you but for me having to rebreed over 50 comps just because of new hidden ability that otherwise makes them uncompetitive is just a slap in the face for me. I mean, ok if nobody has multiscale dragonite , dragonite is still competitive since no one else has the 20x better ability, but once you implement the hidden ability the normal dragonites without it just becomes useless and not usable at all. I mean ok the game is grindy but this just becomes fucking insanity, having to rebreed stuff you already bred just for 1 ability.....like WTF. And this is for so many pokemons not just dragonite, only one of many that comes to mind. Not only does it take so much time but it will be super expensive to do. You grind already for everything you have to turn them into useless pokemons just because they decide to implement an other grindy way to do stuff. So here comes the suggestion, instead of having to catch hidden ability pokemons in the dungeons to then breed up to comps, id suggest as a possible dungeon reward a hidden ability discover pill, its just like the ability pill but it lets you put the hidden ability of your pokemon. This will still require grind but at least its something new than just rebreeding the same pokemon but with an hidden ability.......It wont ruin already made pokemons and it will be overall cheaper than just rebreeding everything that requires an hidden ability. I just really hate the idea of wasted time, why should my dragonite made 1 year ago be obsolete just because of this silly way of implementing something that just doesnt make any sens on a players point of view. Why should my resources used 1 year ago be dropped in the garbage? Because thats what you are saying implementing the catch and breed hidden ability pokes....
  6. RIP to our beloved forum members Jovi aka LeJuan and Lifestyle aka LifeNab, you will always be remembered as one of the greats. We will miss u.
  7. srsly? what about the white walkers, I doubt they would leave now after hearing this shitt. They have no choice but to stay even if sansa died.
  8. you blocked me just after I said sorry I should have told you earlier. Don't start your bullshitt excuses. ''I pay attention to my duels'' PLS
  9. when doc crumbles to the pressure of finals...was easy win
  10. come online x

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