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  1. Your requested signature is ready waiting at my shop bro :P

  2.   i really like these personally i would give them 8-9/10
  3. Same as dannno and also, that the first one should be more rectangular
  4. hey u start drawing in the drawing bad contest now

  5. Hey your signature is ready in my shop you should check it out

  6.       ooh i want some  :lol:
  7. format: 500x200  render: Shiny absol and shiny dusclops background: whatever looks good  text: [GWOP] XKisameX
  8. go with it, i'm trying to make him feel like he's worth something

    1. XKisameX


      Lol I wrote sumthing

    2. Bimps1002


      thanks for keeping me undercover, i'm going to keep it going as long as i can

  9. "My massive blade Samehada, doesn't slice… It shreds you to ribbons!"

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