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  1. I came back for a bit last halloween bought it off the GTL for 4.9m and thought I over paid lol. Yea its crazy how fast its risen in one year.
  2. If the events were longer as stated there would be an inflatimation in the amount of items / cosmetics or whatever it is n things wouldnt be as rare n things would be pretty pointless. I think they have done a great job with the time length of the event n how they release things.
  3. Normal local or global? Thanks for the info
  4. The winner is just first to show any pokemon caught in that zone once its done?
  5. Title says it all i logged on today and it told me create a new character did accounts reset? Ty
  6. Thanks, Is there a section in the forum that is a guide of how rare some pokemon are and the cost? Appreciate it.
  7. Hello my name is Champion I am 20 years old from New York. I act and I am taking up computer business in college. [Instagram @Pentrilx] Snog @Lava Ive been playing online games for years and used to play PokeCyrus years back until they had a reset. Ive just played habbo from time to time but I was bored on it so I decided to check this back out. I have a few questions about the game as a whole. What is the point of this game ? Do people collect pokemon and show off who has the most? Or do people play to battle each other? Is there scoreboards of like most wins ? Or most pokemon ? Or most $? Sorry to sound like a brag but I would like a new hobby from time to time and looking to see what people think or do around here since I do not know anybody.
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