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  1. Great work, I really love the mixes so far! Looking forward to your next music pack!
  2. Thank you so very much for all of your hard work! Do you happen to know about this site? They host a bunch of HD sprites, so maybe they could be of use to you. Also, I can manage Photoshop and Illustrator well enough. If you ever need help resizing, or with anything else at all, let me know and I'd be happy to help!
  3. How To Use: Download application. Unzip. Run on your windows computer. *Requires the .net framework (which if you do not have, get on my level...)
  4. Ok, gotcha. I think someone had posted the intervals they worked out on another tools thread. I will use those as reference points and see how it goes. To quote ProfessorElderberry:   Walking: 255ms pause per step Bike: 85ms pause per step if walking is 1.0x speed, running is 1.5x speed and riding the bicycle is 2.0x speed.       ON IT! GRAMMAR NAZI, GO!!!!!!!!  
  5. Already noticed something..... The font and background color in the options menu blend together to the point where I need to turn my brightness up to see the text. Maybe lighten the background color of the options menu a bit?
  6. Thanks for the sweet step counter, StanFear! I'll be trying this out and letting you know what I think. Could you possibly elaborate a bit more on the whole "Help me set the intervals right (walking, running, biking)" thing? I would be more than happy to help out however I can, but I am bit confused as to what this implies. [spoiler]I noticed a lot of spelling errors in the post. Correcting those could attract more attention to the project. And it would quite my inner grammar nazi.[/spoiler]    
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