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  1. Great guide, but sadly I can't even access the first page, people from the Discord are having similar issues as well it seems. Still, hopefully that gets sorted out so that we can all enjoy this lovely guide. until then, I'll use my offline html copy :D Edit: Well, it turns out if you clear your browsers cache it loads just fine. Mostly. Expanding the individual Pokemon data seems to hang any browser I try it on. That's one hefty guide! If you need help making this into a PDF or something let me know!
  2. soon™ but I've heard Tomorrow as well.
  3. Because I don't feel like it. Want the fix? Ask nicely or figure it out. Being a mong isn't going to change the way I choose to act.
  4. Not on mine, or any of the other 4 mods I use. All .mod files are displaying their icon.png files in the mod management menu
  5. Welcome back! You and me both took a 6 year break, but I've been back for a few months now so if you want a summary of what seems to have changed in that time dm me and I'll share what I know.
  6. The holidays have stopped me from working on this, but I'll be back on a weekly update cycle soon!
  7. This is an issue with old GUI mods. I know how to fix it if you're interested, just DM me for details.
  8. While attempting to use Borderless Windowed I received and option that flashed too quickly to screenshot. It said something like "Unable to apply Fullscreen Settings 0.0." I am still unable to apply Borderless Windowed mode as it just reverts back to Windowed mode each time, but I haven't been able to reproduce the error. WIndows 10 (Latest Update)
  9. I think this would be a great idea if it isn't too difficult to implement. It makes sense to have a feature like this for sheer convenience, and it's within my understanding of how the world of Pokemon works.
  10. Great! Thanks for testing that out. I think I'll end up making a light weight mod by trimming down each tracks loop and bitrate a touch more just for lower end devices and phones. This week the plan is to finish all the loops, but I'll also see about getting those tracks compressed without losing too much quality and then upload them along with my weekly update.
  11. 1.0 is now live! Unova and Android compatibility added. Next weeks update should include a few new tracks for select locations and polished loops for every region!
  12. Thank you for the test result. I know that the Kanto OST shouldn't have any sort of blank space at the beginning (minus 0.10 seconds here and there, and a fade on the Bicycle song), however, so keep in mind that some of the blank space you're hearing might be caused by system hang due to the file size and compression of each track. But since we know that the mod doesn't work on Android when it's compressed anyways, and since it would be less heavy on the system to have it stored instead I'll do that with all any update from here on out. I can also go through and trim some of the tracks
  13. You could try submitting a support request using this link: https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/forum/47-support-request/
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