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  1. EZ sinnoh. Time to be Inactive again.

    1. Crimar


      There is a story after the league. You did it ?

    2. Diano
  2. sweet heart, sweet heart, mine needs u :3

  3. Oh my, I'm inactive. Very Busy huuuu.

    I still have teams and sometimes updated them, so feel free to challenge me in Pokemon Showdown! (EDIT: Gen7OU Only)

    How to find me tho? 

    Discord: NataliaHeart#2341

    Have Fun PokeMMO Friendsies!

    Communty Combats are Real Tourneys


    SASS Isn't Dead! 

    I'll also carry, TeamTourney 2 ez.

  4. LF Duels!


    *PokeMMO OU

    *PokeMMO UU

    *PokeMMO NU

    *PokeMMO Doubles

    *SM OU

    Atleast this time, im not pressured

  5. Lel TY ^^ TY ^^ TY ^^ Too Old >.< But TY! TY ^^ TY ^^ Ur Bad too tho. But TY ^^ TY <3 Pretty sure, anyone can see my bday on my profile, so its not a secret and Salamat ^^ Lol i feel old already, but this is way too old, but TY ^^ TY ^^ TY ^^ And lol im just 22 Thanks to everyone also to greeted me ingame Have a lovely life everyone! <3 TY to those who donated aswell! ^^
  6. People without patience lol. How they dare to messed up my suprise try. haha


    Happy Birthday Natalia !!

    I wish you happy moments with your lovers in your birthday ^_^

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