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  1. Thats why i wrote "REplay". If it was suggested, i didn't see it
  2. Would be nice to have the option to skip the time that the players spends thinking next move o what lead will they use so we can see a replay in a few minutes instead of a entire hour in some cases, Adding a "next turn" "fast forward" etc. Thumbs up?
  3. Dont know if this is active yet, i would like to fit a team with my coil arbok, i tryed to pair it with qd masquerain a cs lunatone, and sub nasty doom. I dont know which orientation should i give if balanced or offensive, or how bad is the core. So please help.
  4. We can get pokerus like a consumable item, kinda lucky egg/ amulet coin, obtaining a boost of double evs during a hour. So we can get bonus cash, bonus exp, and bonus EVs.
  5. I get my seedot breeded today, ty for your services, bro!
  6. How can i find my secret base? I forget where it is
  7. Sp Atk: 5 x Golduck (10 EVs), Route 14, Unova, 100% Sp Atk EV Encounter Good spot for leveling up, 3-3.3k exp (maybe more) dark grass.
  8. Oww... Thats so sad u.u Thank you a d good job any ways
  9. I used to have this GUI ok my pc. Does ir works in android apk?
  10. yup there are so much people hyped for your work, man \.-./
  11.  Render:Arbok & Murkrow (can you put them the cb?)  Name:Yagu  Team:VIRs  Additional information:play with dark and violet shine effects C: Donation Amount (Optional) surprise me and ill see ;)
  12. it would be nice to catch a Jumpeon *-* oh, wait.  now seriously, this should be implemented in fact, the devs already did some changes to make this game more MMO - like the new breeding system- so this is another of the ways to do it.
  13. this was exactly i asked. thank you so much ^-^
  14. can you suggest a place where you can catch more than one species with 2 egg groups? it would be useful for those who want to pick up non specific IVs for the moment.
  15. come and see, they have too much to offer.

  16.  i forgot that we can do that too, good observation.
  17. this could do things too much easier. why do we have to take the pokes to the party to be able to manage items on it? the function to manage items in boxes exist in original games and is very useful, please, add it to pokemmo.
  18. Im waiting for NU... plz do something

    1. Noad


      Very soon :-)

    2. Yaguarete


      i hope so >.<

  19. so where are our umbrellas? D:
  20. one year in GOK today C:

  21. oh god now i kinda love you .-. seriously this is wonderful T.T Thank you very much :D
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