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  1. Thats why i wrote "REplay". If it was suggested, i didn't see it
  2. Would be nice to have the option to skip the time that the players spends thinking next move o what lead will they use so we can see a replay in a few minutes instead of a entire hour in some cases, Adding a "next turn" "fast forward" etc. Thumbs up?
  3. Dont know if this is active yet, i would like to fit a team with my coil arbok, i tryed to pair it with qd masquerain a cs lunatone, and sub nasty doom. I dont know which orientation should i give if balanced or offensive, or how bad is the core. So please help.
  4. We can get pokerus like a consumable item, kinda lucky egg/ amulet coin, obtaining a boost of double evs during a hour. So we can get bonus cash, bonus exp, and bonus EVs.
  5. How can i find my secret base? I forget where it is
  6. Sp Atk: 5 x Golduck (10 EVs), Route 14, Unova, 100% Sp Atk EV Encounter Good spot for leveling up, 3-3.3k exp (maybe more) dark grass.
  7. Oww... Thats so sad u.u Thank you a d good job any ways
  8. I used to have this GUI ok my pc. Does ir works in android apk?
  9. ok so i can win the tourney, but i dont have any UU comp, then i cant get a comp turned shiny... I found a hypothetical case in which you are very bad for making rules.
  10. lol it cant be even shiny breeded. some times i dont know what are you thinking when you choose prices. example: shiny abra plz
  11. Sig / Other :Sig A Picture / Screenshot of your character: Your Character's Name:Yagu Your Favorite Pokemon:Magcargo + omastar Your Team / Others:VIRs For Free / Pokeyens / Pokemons / Items / Tms : 50k something like this yagu[virs] magcargo me omastar ty!
  12. OH MY GO' your work is really awesome .-. i want i want i want What Text(s) u want on the Sig? Yagu [VIRs] Which character? Magcargo and Omastar Animated OR Non-Animated? animated n.n kind regards!
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