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  1. jeferson


    Is that I'm taking disconnect while trying to log in :D
  2. jeferson


    Is that I'm taking disconnect while trying to log in
  3. jeferson


    Is PTS still open?
  4. Those were good times just wanted everything to return as before.

  5. the berry system should be dynamic causing the player need not prassar much time cultivating berrys, reset 252 each EV to modify a pokemon will be a big problem, I thought as follows, would be more effective if you: planted example '' Chesto 'reap 3 Chesto of course, you would not do seeds of these Chesto, but would use 1 fruit Chesto to plant another that would give 3 more Chesto, I know that the challenge for managers is to create new things that will challenge the players, respect this and I find it very different to be ever-changing, but the berry system needs improvement or will be complicated the lives of the players comp, not all players have available hours to get cultvando berrys, I myself am one, have my work and time left I like to stay in PokeMMO with my friends, fighting and having fun, but I think q this system should be rethought. Thank you!
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