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  1. That's not Ekans, that's Poliwag's ass.
  2. People wanted to donate before there was a gift shop, your point is invalid. Btw, if you have ideas for better perks, why don't you post them?
  3. What's stopping you from using the G/S/C female sprite? ;(
  4. Adding onto this, Hoothoot is also found there semi-commonly and it also gives HP.
  5. YES! Hopefully this turns out good, I will be using this once it's complete.
  6. Elite

    Hey Guys

    'Somewhat sickening' Please change it.
  7. Elite

    Guild Box

    Guild PC/banks would be a really helpful feature. I really like this idea, but I'm kinda iffy about the accept/decline withdraw requests, maybe make it optional via the leader. This would be perfect for organizing team tournies and sharing pokes in general.
  8. Elite


    Welcome! I'll be looking out for your art.
  9. No no no, you don't need to make a new character. Usually people don't worry about their first Pokes stats they use to get through the story line. But if you want to EV train your Bulbasaur, just wait for EV reducing berries to work. They subtract EVs so you can raise them however you want.
  10. Elite

    hi hello! ♥

    Welcome. You're apart of the community now ;D
  11. Feel free to add me in game.

  12. Welcome, and hello to you and all that jazz. :3
  13. Hi and welcome. I'm not specifically apart of the GTAstunting community, but I enjoy doing it on my console, mainly on SA. Fun times.
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