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  1. yes but so what's so special about this?
  2. it was a joke. But seriously, what a ridiculous move, I hope my senorpapos come back. With Roserade on uu there is no need for venusaur to have so much use
  3. not exactly, venu has bulkier, roserade has more speed, venusaur is beautiful, roserade has hazards, venusaur has chlorop-ops
  4. So many things stayed for a while in tiers being broken and pierce my ball without even testing it, deplorable
  5. exactly, it's too frustrating to try to play with something offensive and be stopped by this fucked up monkey, the "rest" is no longer enough
  6. yes take this bastard monkey out of NU
  7. as long as there is ninjask hp ground electrode it won't be a problem, learn guys.
  8. if we were all to post our bad rng in one post we would have triple the number of posts than the existence of shinys in 1 week
  9. kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
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