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  1. Sorry for the late birthday wish but Happy Birthday J brah, I know you didn't me to post here but just wanted to wish you. Thanks for being a great leader and friend of mine throughout LYLE and after. Have a good one homie o7
  2.   thanks i really like it :) ill mail u the money soon <3
  3. Name: Kyzukun Team (optional): YOLO  Background (optional): Fire errywhere chaos etc u get me Render (Pokemon/Character): Shiny gyarados Additional information (optional): none Donation (optional): ill give you a donation if you make the sig relatively soon
  4. You only live once... #YOLO

    1. Kanzo


      Ayrhhee matey! Saill to the end!

    2. JonazDK


      Please tell that to the pikachu I used a max revive on :P

  5. Que pasa cabron.

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. Zorres00


      porque, no seas aguafiesta xdd

    3. Laz


      Gear 4 ftwwww

    4. Zorres00


      OP hes gonna destroy doffy xD

  6. Hi, for our psl battle, I'm on from tomorrow 7:00pm (gmt+1) to 8th of january 1:00pm (gmt+1), and back 10th of january. Just say me when you can.

    1. Zorres00


      Thursday 6:30pm gmt sound good?

    2. lilyek
  7. RÄWR Domination

  8. Brah, when do you wanna battle our psl match? Can do it on Friday and Saturday, timings then are up to you.

  9. Call me bad if you want, I ain't stopping till I get my official. So get ready uguues

  10. Happy Birthday Kiz and Kanzo! why didn't you tell anyone it was your birthday kan? XD
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