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  1. IGN: ItsGray Reason:I've been playing mmo since 2013 but havent been in a psl Preferred Tiers: UU, NU Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): Won a einstien tourny or 2 before Discord contact (optional): Yeet#6649 Other random stuff: Yeet, assistant manager to sparkie that one time when he was a manager
  2. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Team Members: Spxter, OxOReFaked, TohnR, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, SimpsBgone, Gbush, Donute, Gitargy Team captain: ZzZerra
  3. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Team Members: Spxter, kloneman, OxOReFaked, Frosteye, TohnR, Kravism, NinjaBlender, ItsGray, WayneV, ZzZerra, BartekDolar, NickRains, DeGarzo, IsabelaNeko, Rynners Team captain: Spxter
  4. Team Name: Bushido Team Tag: BSDO Registered Players: kloneman, Spxter, OxORefaked, DanteGrin, Hammerax, Wildhodor, BartekDolar, ashasash, SamuelJackson, ItsGray, PabloJim, NickRains, ZzZerra, NinjaBlender, IsabelaNeko Team Captain: Spxter
  5. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1119637585 Oltan won
  6. Turkey vs Spain UU ItsGray vs Joalza - 200k SMOU Oltan vs jorgeFirebolt - 200k Rest of America vs Portugal NU Cristi vs JuniorPT - 200k Rest of Asia vs Rest of Europe OU slavicmedicine vs Rynners - 200k UU SweetforU vs UmbraMol -200k Taken by @Taystee Brexit vs USA NU Hannahtaylor vs Titinn -200k SMOU Lifestyle vs tianboizna - 200k 1 Person per bet, void if activity win or sub
  7. ItsGray vs JuniorPT in 15 mins
  8. 250k on turkey winning week 2 Taken by @urquidi
  9. ItsGray vs JuniorPT Saturday 10pm UTC+1/ 5pm Est
  10. Chile - Belgium UU KiiritoX vs iMat Taken by @Zymogen LC NoWall vs Stelian DUBS Sebat vs Mkns Taken by @Sebat SMOU Kriger vs LLLiolae Taken by @Michielleus Spain - Peru B UU JasonSparrowX vs zAnderson Taken by @KingBowser NU Busso vs xLuneth Taken by @KingBowser Portugal - Turkey OU DeusBruno vs tipsizdarkbey UU Pachima vs Miyes Taken by @Quint NU JuniorPT vs ItsGray LC ManyTears vs SapphireStoneSSS Taken by @Quint DUBS Millernine vs Kamowanthere SMOU Sintatic vs Oltan USA - Venezuela B OU NiKhilR vs ZacMorales UU aftershocker vs DarkCeGn Taken by @Sebat NU Titiin vs lFrankiel DUBS xSparkie vs Guilleex Rest of Europe - Canada OU Rynners vs PawnWolf NU TohnR vs Canada Taken by @MathewMat LC YettoDie vs gbwead 100k on bold, void if sub or activity win 1 person per bet
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