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  1. The Raging Noctowls (0) Vs Krafty Krooks (0) NU: PentaQQ vs xSparkie 250k LC: OscarFail vs NagaHex 250k NU: Mkns vs Bakugo 250k Spared No Expense (0) Vs Dynamic Monkeys (0) NU: Titinn vs enchanteur 250k
  2. Krafty Krooks (4) Vs Spared No Expense (3) UU: Souu vs Schuchty 500k
  3. Krafty Krooks Doubles: xSparkie vs Parke 500k on sparkie
  4. Krafty Krooks (0) Vs Gardevoirs of the Galaxy (0) OU: NotArchon vs Necroskulldark 200k on my boi
  5. Such big words from such a little man
  6. IGN: ItsGray Timezone:GMT +1 Tiers: OU UU NU Something else to farm likes:
  7. Am 100% good manager choice IGN: ItsGray Motivation: I have a winning and yeeting mind set Competitive Accolades: I know some guys who have won stuff and I've been there for emotional support so that's like half the work Other stuff: I'm more applying for an assistant manager role hit me up
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