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  1. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, MadaraSixSix, Stelian, Jaawax, Schuchty, Lunarck, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLLLL, AwaXGoku, Kanicula, Pirlo, Evenils, daveN, LeZenor, Cmawesomee. Team Captain: Mkns.
  2. This point need more explanation, just to know exactly how it works. ty
  3. A. Ok but why no dubs ? No sens to do that for me. B. It depend which SD tiers would be chosen. And again why no dubs as manager choice. C. Meh I don’t like this one D. Where is « la réponse D » ? dubs is not a tiers but it’s something common in PokeMMO and I think there is enough players for that format. btw, LC 8G > all showdown tiers
  4. Mkns vs iJulianFNT, last game of the World Cup in 5min
  5. GG Colombia, GG all. Belgium #1
  6. https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen7ou-1145602228 LLLiolae win.
  7. https://play.pokemonshowdown.com/battle-gen7ou-1145602228
  8. LLLiolae vs AurumPegasus in 30min.
  9. Mkns Rotom-Mow Garchomp Togekiss Kingdra Reuniclus Machamp
  10. Before it start, I would like to congratulate all players who have fight during this world cup. Except some stupid decision, this world cup was fun. . I was really hyped to face Colombia in final of this world cup. And it's gonna happen now :) I just wanted to say that all finalists here deserve to win that shit, so I hope both team gonna fight hard to take it.. (I mean everyone deserve it except jorel tbh.) Let's fucking go... and GG to the winners..
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