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  1. MknsZblex

    what happened on the server??

  2. MknsZblex

    what happened on the server??

    why u jouk me zebi
  3. MknsZblex

    Make Gen 4 & 5 Egg Hatching Faster

    why just gen 5 ? try to breed bronzong pls ? impossible!!!! It's so cruel gotcha
  4. MknsZblex

    Football discussion thread

    mdr même dave est plus français que toi
  5. MknsZblex

    Football discussion thread

  6. MknsZblex

    Football discussion thread

  7. MknsZblex

    Football discussion thread

    ez Belgium
  8. MknsZblex

    Football discussion thread

    ez Belgium
  9. MknsZblex

    Team Tournament June (30th, Saturday)

    Team Name: Sic Itur Ad AstraTeam Tag: [SIÂ]Registered Players: Mkns, Jaawax, Cerk, Zbleeex, Stelian, TheBeldumMaster, MadaraSixSix, daveN, Kamimiii, LeZenor, Schuchty, enchanteur, DoctorPBJ, FranchoP, gypss, Kriliin, Rikoudo.Team Captain: Jaawax
  10. MknsZblex

    [Art] Cinnamon's Shop

    crazy :) thanks brahbrahbrah
  11. MknsZblex

    Chjul´s comps shop (No lotteries inside!)

    3 DEF ? How much brah ?
  12. MknsZblex

    PokeMMO Battle Association - Swiss Round 1/5

    missed it :(
  13. MknsZblex

    [Art] Soda's Skatches (Not Taking Requests)

    Hey! Reference:
  14. MknsZblex

    WTB Karrablast shiny F

    y en a un au gtl depuis 2h

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