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  1. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    you owe me 1M too :p
  2. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Group A Africa vs Belgium Ou: Goku vs Stelian 100k Uu: PoseidonWrath vs Mkns 1M Nu: MHKaserz vs TheBeldumMaster 200K Lc: Pinklabel vs Samoerai 1M Doubles: KingDomii vs MaatthewMLG 300K China A vs Argentina A Ou: Babylo vs Titooooo 100K @NagaHex Uu: Tencentqq vs Wiriketchup 100K Nu: MullenYu vs Walerito 100K Group B: Mexico vs France A Ou: StrikerOak vs Rikoudo 100K Uu: Isperea vs LeZenor 300K Nu: RayUwU vs Hopy 100K Lc: Raihco vs Jaawax 200K Doubles: Chjul vs NonoPetitRobot 100K Group C: Colombia A vs USA Ou: Brianatackpro vs Evlgoon 100K @NagaHex Nu: AurumPegasus vs Lotus 100K @NagaHex Doubles: enchanteur vs Jice 100K Group D: Rest Of The World VS Brexit Lc: Coolio vs Suneet 100K Chile vs France B OU Santiii vs MadaraSixSix 300K UU caanserbero vs Aerun 100K NU Aleso vs YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL 100K LC Redav vs Axoa 100K Doubles Sebat vs gbwead 101K
  3. MknsZblex

    WorldCupMMO Week #5

    Beting against a OPA < i c
  4. MknsZblex

    World Cup week #4

    GG! Was a very close game! Come on Belgium!
  5. MknsZblex

    World Cup week #4

    @Stelian will be sub out for @MknsZblex, Mkns vs SecretDjinn in 10min
  6. MknsZblex

    World Cup week #4

    abstractt vs tbm soon tm
  7. MknsZblex

    World Cup week #4

    anyway you are host, you have all cashprize, use power of god
  8. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    yeah edit lol xd
  9. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    bad OPA i c
  10. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    Week 3: @Parke owe me 100k (200k - 100k) madara/yubl/gb
  11. MknsZblex

    [World Cup] Bets and prediction

    100k/each 1M Belgium win
  12. MknsZblex

    World Cup week #3

    Mkns vs RealDevilLegend 10min Doubles

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