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  1. TeamName: Baleine « GMSM » IGN: gbwead - Captain IGN: Mkns IGN: Stelian IGN: MadaraSixSix
  2. It need some big updates, I need some motivation 0:3
  3. There is a official list ? With real argument ? I really liked the way jj made his list
  4. @camilo7 @xXBlu3BreathXx @Crazyhell
  5. see the community's opinion, do the opposite, and show everyone who's the boss
  6. whatever the hosts do, the community will never be happy. It's a fact, there will always be people who are not satisfied.
  7. For Belgium and France, we knew very well that the most difficult battle would be between us. We always work together, it was only a matter of detail. I want to greet all our opponents, was a very cool event! Proud to represent my country even if it's only in a game. GG.
  8. It's not 4 PM EDT but 5 PM EDT. this event begin in 2 hours.
  9. You allow that when we spoke together in our private chat, now you cry ? Seriously bro ? You will really say that if you won that match ? GG Spain!
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