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  1. happy birthday @Zymogen
  2. Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, gbwead, MadaraSixSix, Stelian, Schuchty, Lunarck, Jaawax, TheDH, Tawla, YUBELLLLLLLLLLLLL, Kanicula, enchanteur, Eastsiideboy, Evenils, AwaXGoku, Sejuani, Pirlo, Azphiel, daveN, Pinklabel. Team Captain: Mkns
  3. Freezti xD #Staraptors#1#LukeWorstManagerEver
  4. Team Name: SIÂW Captain: gbwead Players: Mkns Frags gbwead Lkrenz MadaraSixSix enchanteur Stelian Zhiko Lunarck yosoyarca Subs: YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Sejuani Cheerleaders: Schuchty TheDH Zbleeex Folan Hibu
  5. Team Name: Sic itur Ad Astra Team Tag: [SIÂ] Registered Players: Mkns gbwead MadaraSixSix Stelian Jaawax Schuchty Lunarck TheDH Tawla AwaXGoku enchanteur Kanicula YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Pinklabel Evenils Eastsiideboy Cmawesomee Badbaarsito Azphiel Nahwel. Team Captain: Mkns
  6. Wait wtf Stelian has nothing to win there @Stelian
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