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  1. Frag Squad (0) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) OU: Frags vs Zeknshooter UUx2: zhiko (0) vs jasonsparrowx (0) NUx2: titinn (0) vs pachima (0) LC: Yosoyarca vs sebat The Squirtle Crew (0) Vs The Soaring Staraptors (0) OU: Bluebreath vs Lunarck OU: Bluebreath vs Luke UUx2: Yaritan (0) vs Cristi (0) NUx2: ZDFire (0) vs Mkns (0) LCx2: Stelian (0) vs Nowall (0) Dubsx2: Zigh (0) vs Busso (0) Delicious Donphan's (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OUx2: MadaraSixSix (0) vs Necroskulldark (0) NUx2: Sejuani (0) vs Tawla (0) No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (0) OUx2: abstractt (0) vs Kiwikidd (0) NUx2: Santiii (0) vs Sweetforu (0) LCx2: Lkrenz (0) vs YeyoXD (0) Dubsx2: Kepzal (0) vs Intimidoar (0) 100k/each --- Void if 1-1 500k Staraptors win.
  2. I mean, this week new stuff should not be allowed at all, idk about playoffs, since it's the last regular week
  3. Player one: Mkns Player two: MadaraSixSix Team name: Dz Marok'1
  4. Team Name: Bats les klawi Team Tag: [$IÂ] Registered Players: Mkns, MadaraSixSix, gbwead, PrincesseCaline, Tawla, Rynners, NAHWEL Team Captain: gbwead
  5. I take only one bet per game, so I’ll tag later the first who take the bets
  6. No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) NUx2: kepzal (0) vs aurumpegasus (0) LCx2: lkrenz (0) vs ahpool (0) Dubsx2: kamimiii (0) vs nagahex (0) Frag Squad (0) Vs The Soaring Staraptors (0) OU: elvessss vs Lunarck OU: elvessss vs Luke UU: frags vs Cristi @LifeStyleNORE UU: titinn vs Cristi @LifeStyleNORE NUx2: zhiko (0) vs samehada (0) @mago1993 LCx2: Yosoyarca (0) vs mkns (0) @LifeStyleNORE Dubsx2: Titoooo (0) vs Busso (0) The Squirtle Crew (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OUx2: Bluebreath (0) vs Necroskulldark (0) UUx2: Stelian (0) vs xLuneth (0) @LifeStyleNORE NUx2: ZDFire (0) vs Tawla (0) @mago1993 LCx2: Xondex (0) vs Yettodie (0) Dubsx2: Zigh (0) vs Leviatharian (0) @LifeStyleNORE Delicious Donphan's (0) Vs The Knights of Corviknight (0) OUx2: Madarasixsix (0) vs Kiwikidd (0) @LifeStyleNORE UUx2: Umbramol (0) vs Makx (0) @Lvkee LC: Lotus vs Jhowcrazy LC: Lotus vs Realdevillegend 100k/Each --- Void if tie --- (so 200k if 2 game). 1M Staraptors win. @calidubstep
  7. Aurum owe me 1M. @AurumPegasus The Knights of Corviknight (0) Vs The Pretentious Pachirisus (0) OUx2: kiwikidd vs zeknshooter UUx2: moisessss vs jasonsparrowx LC: yeyoxd vs pachima @TohnR LC: yeyoxd vs Cali No Shaymin Losing (0) Vs The Soaring Staraptors (0) OU: abstract vs Lunarck @mago1993 OU: abstract vs Luke UU: zanderson vs Cristi UU: MaatthewMLG vs Cristi @YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL NUx2: Kamimiii vs Mkns @mago1993 LCx2: Lkrenz vs Nowall @YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Dubsx2: Santiii vs Busso @mago1993 Frag Squad (0) Vs Eternatus' Pain (0) OU: Frags vs JulianFNT UUx2: Zhiko vs xLuneth NUx2: Titinn vs Tawla @xStarr LCx2: Yosoyarca vs Yettodie @mago1993 Dubsx2: Frags vs JulianFNT @TohnR Delicious Donphan's (0) Vs The Squirtle Crew (0) OUx2: Burntzebra vs Bluebreath NUx2: Sejuani vs Stelian @YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL LC: Lotus vs Xondex LC: Lazaaro vs Xondex Dubsx2: Lluvvia vs Zigh 100k/each -- Void if 1-1 -- so 200k if 2-0. 1M THE HAXED STARPATORS WINS.
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