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  1. OU1: AwaXGoku vs Kiwikidd UU: Stelian vs Busso NU: Kanicula vs AurumPegasus M-NU: Mkns vs Mendez UU: Urquidi vs Pirlo OU1: Lunarck vs Getovaherez OU2: Haazuu vs MadaraSixSix M-OU: Zokuru vs Schuchty 500k/each
  2. I take xondex, and Schuchty if you want to pick 2
  3. The loser between bats and nincada is out right ?
  4. OU2: Schuchty vs Spxter UU: xMikasaAckermanx vs Huargensy NU: JamesFaul vs xLuneth 500k each
  5. @Kaitha owe me 500k I owe 500k to @Moi
  6. It cant works bro, there is someone who left the PSL with an 1-0 score sorry
  7. OU1: Bluebreath vs Zokuru LC: PoseidonWrath vs TheDH OU1: CristhianArce vs Schuchty UU: tmoi vs MadaraSixSix 500k each
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