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  1. It’s already happens one time with ludicolo
  2. Team Tag: SIÂ Team Name: Sic Itur Ad Astra Registered Players: Mkns gbwead MadaraSixSix Jaawax Stelian Kanicula Tawla Lunarck AwaXGoku Badbaarsito Azphiel CitizenRGi Team Captain: Mkns
  3. Team Name: SIÂ44 Captain: MadaraSixSix Players: Mkns gbwead MadaraSixSix Stelian Jaawax Lunarck Tawla Kanicula AwaXGoku Badbaarsito Subs: TheDH Eastsiideboy Cheerleaders: Azphiel Kamimiii LeZenor daveN Zbleeex Exflammation Cosmooth.
  4. There is a lot of reason why I don’t want to host. • I take a lot of time and we (I) just finished with the psl teams and as a host it was really long and I put a lot of effort on it • making team based to country is always garbage since some country got +100 and others can have 2 players. • you can’t know if a player play for his country or if he join a country to play with his friend • allowed 2 teams per country is shit, and allow too much players per team is also bad for the competition. the best way to make a good World Cup is to allow like max 10 players per country and if I players isn’t picked for his country, he is allowed to sign up for his continental team (ex: rest of Europe) and even the continental team should allow max 10 players. So half of ppl here who were waiting for the WC 4 during one year would probably not be able to participate in this event if we want to do something correct without bullshit. of course that’s only my opinion. I’ll not be the host, but when the host is decided I’ll give him the host role in the WC discord, and I’m still here to help anyone who asked me for help :)
  5. Tag Team: [SIÂ]Team Name: Sic Itur Ad AstraRegistered Players: Mkns gbwead MadaraSixSix Lunarck Stelian Schuchty Jaawax TheDH Tawla YUBELLLLLLLLLLLL Kanicula AwaXGoku Azphiel Pirlo Kamimiii LeZenor Eastsiideboy Sejuani Oncre daveNTeam Captain: gbwead
  6. Also big GG to RAVAEL for being the MVP of the PSL Teams edition! 6-0 score player! Congratulations @RAVAEL.
  7. GG V4 for winning the first edition of the PSL Teams!
  8. Jaawax has decided to sub out gbwead for @Stelianagainst @Aerun France - Belgium round 2
  9. Pokemon week-end league edition! Here we go!
  10. OH-OH is back They finally added legendary in PokeMMO! HYPE! IGN: Mkns
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