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  1. how i become pokemon master in this plane of existence, maybe a gril gamer will show us her vagu
  2. hope everyone is doing ok, miss u guise   [spoiler]hue[/spoiler]
  3.   vvvv master race banned gang or fucking die  
  4. i've heard it looks really good. ffx is the second best, you already know my first lol we've talked about ff a thousand fucking times in game
  5. and destiny and the division           but this pretty much
  6. i'm thinking ps4 too. especially considering sony announced project morpheus. 
  7. fuck i miss you guys finally gonna get a ps4 or xbox soon so we should all party up. destiny is gonna be dope. you guys playing ps4 or xbox1?
  8. So far I've found shiny spoink, sigilyph, yanma, growlithe and char.
  9.   It's easily the best pokemon game of all time. 
  10. Eevee is my next target. I'll have to breed for a duskull :/
  11. It's like the walking dead is real

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