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  1. If you're running jolly golem, there's no reason not to go max speed. Speed tying other jolly golems/outspeeding some meganiums is much more useful than the very little bulk you'll gain from investing in a few hp evs.
  2. It's been discussed a fair amount in this thread and the donation thread if you want to see everyone's viewpoints on it.
  3. I wanted general input on what people wanted. If I was totally undecided on an issue like BO1/BO3 for doubles, I left it up to the community to decide which one it would be. But for the 8 tiers vs 10 tiers question, I formed an opinion after the poll was posted and took a stance, that happened to be against the popular opinion.
  4. Ideally we get enough sign ups to have a competitive environment for SM OU/LC, but if we don't get enough, I don't have a problem substituting them out for a UU2 tier, which will be more competitive than an SM OU tier where managers had to scrape the bottom of the barrel to get an SM OU player for their team.
  5. Reducing the number of PSL players per a week from 80 to 64 isn't a huge leap in how difficult it is to get drafted, but it's still something. I mean back in season 1 of PSL, there were only 6 tiers and 6 teams, which meant at the minimum, there were only 36 players playing each week, and I somehow still found a spot, even though I didn't have much official success at the time. Unless you're totally inactive, or unknown, and have no good runs in officials, then you have a decent chance of getting chosen by some manager, especially if you make yourself known to them. I will say the reduction of tiers will make UU and NU much more selective and competitive, as there is only one NU/UU (maybe) slot on each team, so you will have a harder time proving yourself to managers that you're worthy of a UU slot, when there are 25 other capable people in the auction that could be the UU player as well.
  6. #fakenews #fakedrama
  7. If you're in this thread, you're probably interested in becoming a manager for PSL this season. Before you sign up, you should be familiar with the rules of PSL and the responsibilities of managers. Taken from the general thread, which was partially taken from the Smogon SPL thread. The manager shall send the host weekly rosters The manager shall ensure to his/her best capabilities that every match will be completed by the deadline The manager shall inform the host as to why a match failed to be completed in the event that one fails The managers shall inform the host of any substitutions that need to be made The manager shall inform the host of any attempts of cheating by his team or others The manager oversees all trades involving their team The manager oversees both drafts unless unable to be present, in which case the manager shall appoint someone to draft on their behalf The manager shall name a team captain who shall act in their steed should they be absent You should also consider these questions. Can I stay active through the whole season? Can I communicate well with my players? Can I handle team finances? Can I keep an eye on my players and those of the opponent? Do I have knowledge of the competitive scene and the players? Will I keep interest, even when I'm on the losing side? Do I understand and can I make my players understand the terms & conditions of the PSL? Will I maintain respect for my host and the decisions they make? Do I have the availability to manage a team, participate in a draft, and respond to the host whenever a question presents itself? If you answered yes to all these questions and understand your responsibilities as a manager, then you are free to sign up to be a manager, using the following form. IGN: post your in-game name here PokeMMO Team: post your in-game team here Experience: post the number of PSL seasons you've been involved in, and whether you were a manager, player, host, winner, etc. Motivation: post why you want to be a manager this season and what you are willing to do to be a champion Fluff: post anything and everything that might help this application be relevant There are eight open slots for managers this season. The eight managers will be chosen by myself, with the help of my trusty council of peers. The manager selection process is competitive, as there are typically many people interested in becoming a manager, so do not become discouraged if you do not get chosen to be a manager this season of PSL. List of applicants: DoubleJ, DiDi, Havsha, EricTheGreat, TheChampionMike, Elcoolio, KaynineXL, Lifestyle, LeJovi, OldKeith, Linken, Parke, DoctorPBJ, JIce, YungTor, SirVector, Lazaaro Deadline: May 28th 11:59 PM EST - This Sunday
  8. There wasn't much of a point to the rule in the first place. The person with a better record in OU2 may be more likely to win vs other opponents in OU2, but then the flip side is the player in OU1 with the worse record is more likely to lose vs other opponents in OU1. Managers may decide to keep their lineups consistent with the number of wins if they so please, but no rules about it will be enforced. Also, the confusion that occurred with changing lineups around if someone was substituted in, due to the number of wins ranking, is not worth the hassle.
  9. gotta work for it baby
  10. another reserve for whatever
  11. Banlist: No one. Your crimes are forgiven Links to stuff: I'll add stuff here when I'm not lazy
  12. Total Donations: 27,500,000 List of Donators: BurntZebra - 5.675M Frags - 3M TheChampionMike - 2M gunthug - 2M Lkrenz - 1.55M Yubel - 1.5M Lazaaro - 1,413,889 Elcoolio - 1M + his love KaynineXL - 1M RacheLucario - 1M Nahwel - 1M JIce - 1M Lifestyle - 700k EricTheGreat - 598,550 StriderxD - 400k + some extra Mlhawk - 500111 yosoyarca - 500k Mkns - 400k aftershocker - 300k Deadwind - 275k SirVecctor - 270k SirAlbert - 250k Axoa - 436k xSparkie - 200k Predakiller - 125k Abelachy - 123170 + 5 cookies Havsha - 100k Didi - 100k BurntZebrah - 42,886 Suneet - 34,612 stairway - 666 Kanzo - 69 Sialia - 44 Jovi - 3 Prize Breakdown: to be determined
  13. Host: Small Council: Manager: Team Captain: Player: Preseason: Preseason Trades: Manager Selection: Player Registration: Preseason Player Selection Process: Regular Season: Rosters: Credits: Regular Season Trades: Scheduling a Match: Activity Decisions: Substitutions: Free Agency: Tiers: Midseason Draft: Playoffs: Appeals: Sportsmanship: Bans: Other:
  14. Made by eggroll Introduction: The Eighth Season of the PokeMMO Super League! Welcome back everyone to another season of the ever so exciting PokeMMO Super League, brought to you by everyone's favorite animal, BurntZebra. After JJ stepped down from his position of power, someone else needed to step in to keep the PSL tradition alive. I hope this season of PSL goes beyond everyone's expectations and it is still as drama-filled and competitive as before. I'm sure most of you are aware of what PSL is and what it's all about, but just in case someone is new or has been living under a rock for a few years, I'll give a quick breakdown of the event. PSL is a competitive event that takes place over the period of roughly three months, where teams are formed by chosen managers, and those teams all fight it out against each other, to find out which team is the best, and which team gets to take home the prize. Teams will fight it out each week in an 8 vs. 8 format, which will contain tiers from PokeMMO and Showdown. Managers will be chosen by yours truly, with the aid of some trusted individuals. They will be in charge of creating teams. People will be able to apply for manager positions on the separate manager application thread, which will be posted shortly after this. I have decided no managers get a free spot from last season, but past PSL success will make your manager resume much stronger. There will be eight teams, and thus eight managers will be chosen this season. Players will get purchased by a manager, and then will be tasked with playing one match per week in a specific tier, against players from the other teams. Players are the heart of the event, as there would be no event without the players. For this season, there will only be 8 tiers in a standard lineup, so team sizes will vary from about 8-11 players, including substitute players. Once the managers are chosen, the player sign up thread will be posted, where players will post their name, timezone, the tiers they play, and whatever other fluff they would like to say, in order to coerce managers into buying them. As the number of players will be reduced from last season due to the 8 tier lineup, the competition for getting chosen as a player will be increased. This means prospective competitive players need to put more effort into showing their skill, effort, compassion, and desire to play. After the seven weeks of teams playing each other, six teams will proceed into the playoffs. The top two seeds will receive a bye for the first round, while the bottom four will duel it out. This will proceed until there are only two teams left, then they will play, and then we will have the new champions of PSL for season 8. The Tentative Schedule*: Now -> May 29th - Manager Sign ups and selection May 29th -> June 11th - Player Sign ups and auction/draft June 18th/19th - Week 1 Starts July 16th - Midseason stuff going on August 13th - Playoffs begin August 27th - Final Championship Matches *subject to change Tiers for this season of PSL: OU1 OU2 UU NU Doubles (BO3 format, happy doctorpleb?) DPP OU SM OU LC or UU2 (depending on player turnout, will decide later) Rule Changes: I'm sure all of you will read the entire set of rules posted later on in this thread, but for those who are familiar with the rules of PSL, here are some of the changes from last season. There will be 8 tiers instead of 10 tiers per team, as seen above for the tier selection. Players in OU1/OU2 will no longer be based off which player has more wins. A 5-0 player could play in OU2, while the 0-3 player still plays in OU1. The same will apply if UU2 becomes one of the tiers this season. Credits will no longer have a use after the initial auction. No credits will be awarded for ties or losses. The Midseason Draft will now be a draft, instead of an auction, thus no credits are used. The last place team gets the first pick, etc. Trades will no longer have any specific restrictions, but will still be overseen by myself. Drafted players may now be traded, as long as they are not also the captain of the team. Free agency has been removed. Players may only be obtained from the initial auction/draft, trades, and the midseason draft. Donations: I will still be accepting donations so that there can be more prizes to give out, and to have a bigger grand prize for the winning team. Donations can still be sent to "BurntZebrah" using the in-game mail system. Thank you all for the support and the opportunity to host what is one of the biggest events and one of the cornerstones of the PokeMMO community.