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  1. me vs lazaaro in NU soon at verm 7 edit: after a long wait, the match started, and I won, gg
  2. I feel like knock off is pretty manageable in SM ou now, since most teams will have one mega slot and one z move slot as well, and something like tangrowth which can afford to get knocked off by bisharp or something
  3. Nah, mega stones and I think like the plates for arceus or random orbs for various legendaries don't boost the damage of knock off.
  4. Sticky hold is counterproductive vs knock off. Just means that knock off will be boosted damage every time (97.5)
  5. What is the extreme curse word? What letter does it start with? I've never thought that there was a single swear word that was worse than the rest
  6. Arcanine is a pretty decent fit since your team gets gg'ed pretty hard by heracross currently. Morning sun / espeed / toxic / flamethrower is pretty popular, but could run overheat over flamethrower for some bigger damage vs venusaur/ursaring etc. I would also replace confuse ray on milotic, since it's generally not worth the moveslot. Toxic or haze are more conventional options on milotic. Milotics also typically go bold max defense, since water is a better defensive type than special defense, and you already have chansey which covers more special attackers than milotic can. I also wouldn't run explosion on forretress, since it's pretty weak, and you're generally better off with earthquake to hit magneton/metagross etc.
  7. Prankster is a hidden ability, so sableye won't be OU worthy atm, even with the addition of will o wisp on it.
  8. Wouldn't run that. Pursuit users are bad news for it (tyranitar/krookodile/etc) and fails vs some of the big special threats like hydreigon and gengar.
  9. >hp grass vs roselia/victreebel/bellossom/gligar/camerupt/tropius. If hitting whiscash is more important than hitting grass types or gligar, then maybe whiscash isn't that bad actually.
  10. Poliwrath isn't an amazing answer to aggron, compared to whiscash anyways, since it has that weakness to thunderpunch which will do a solid 45-50%, a guaranteed 3hko. Poliwrath is also pretty easy bait for roselia/qwilfish, while whiscash hits roselia neutrally for decent damage (especially if sp def), and hits qwilfish super effectively. Whiscash also handles electric types that don't have hp grass. The main downside of whiscash would be not being able to handle kingler, otherwise it's pretty good considering poliwrath's dark/water resist isn't necessary with sharpedo in UU still (and poliwrath is UU too anyways). That being said, an aggron discussion thread will probably come out in a few days.
  11. Smogon does have 1 "official" tier below NU and 1 unofficial tier below that tier, although the nomenclature for tiers kind of falls apart at that point since neverused is kind of the lowest you can go in term of usage. PU is below NU, but doesn't stand for anything, just a joke by the smogon community. Then FU is below PU, but doesn't stand for anything either, just another joke by smogon.
  12. Rarely Used. Between Underused and Neverused in the tiers