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  1. Fixed.
  2. can't be double posting all willy nilly
  3. Somewhat related to PSL I guess, me vs schuchty soon at verm 7 edit: PSL HOST #1
  4. I'll take the bet against myself
  5. Hm I'm not sure. I have 1mil on the match already. I can do some more, not sure how much you were wanting to do
  6. Player Release Announcement : @LifeStyle has released @PikachuKetchum from the Brave Blazikens. The Situation : Pikachu told Jovi / LifeStyle that he would be inactive due to traveling and won't have time to play Jovi asked if he would be able to play again in the season, and Pikachu said he would not be able to because of personal problems Some time later, Jovi / Lifestyle notice that Pikachu is still active in game, after Pikachu told them he would be unable to play for PSL LifeStyle requested to release Pikachu due to his uncompetitive PSL spirit The small council and I all agreed that the release of Pikachu was acceptable as lying about not being able to play is unacceptable in PSL. In addition to being released, PIkachu will not be able to sign up at the midseason draft, and he will be banned from Season 9 of PSL, assuming the next host of PSL is going to uphold the ban.
  7. so like 24 hours from now? (minus 13 minutes)
  8. I mean I'd like for something to be on the line. Might as well give some incentive to teambuild for it
  9. I'll let you choose anything besides LC/doubles, since you are bad+inactive. How much money we talkin here?
  10. Sounds like you actually
  11. I guess I really struck a nerve to NORE after we 3-0'ed you in TT
  12. Regardless, I don't think a 1-0 advantage is ever worth a 300% increase in payout.
  13. I don't really remember the matches anymore. I just remember frags vs schuchty and he definitely rng'ed frags
  14. I think they're pretty equal. Everyone knows schuchty is bad when he doesn't get massive rng
  15. Your point is that 1-1 isn't the same as 0-0 and apparently having a 1-0 lead is a 300% advantage.