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  1. I was thinking the same about kangaskhan, even though it was only like 3 months ago (around there), the meta has changed a lot. Curse miltank and curse cradily increased in popularity a lot, which hurts kangaskhan's viability, as they both have similar roles to kangaskhan, act as a more consistent win condition, and can use kangaskhan to set up on. Golem will also force kangaskhan to make some sacrifice on its moveslots. Golem will resist its standard normal+fire coverage and not mind toxic too much, but it probably takes a pretty big chunk from earthquake. There's also a lot more opportunity cost of running kangaskhan. As tentacruel has left the tier, kangaskhan no longer has the super reliable answer to omastar. Special attacking exeggutor is much more popular than the defensive exeggutor, which pressures kangaskhan very easily. Machamp and hariyama have too much bulk to make up for their mediocre speed. Marowak probably hits a bit too hard and has pretty solid coverage (I think the only thing that really walls marowak is solrock). Jolly earthquake is a guarenteed 2hko on vaporeon and jolly fire punch 2hkos meganium as well, although meganium has the potential to outspeed marowak. Its double edge is fairly spammable too, since it doesn't have sturdy, it can run rock head fairly easily, and there isn't much that can survive a double edge and threaten marowak without getting bopped by something else before it attacks.
  2. 252 Atk Choice Band Golem Rock Blast (3 hits) vs. 252 HP / 252+ Def Chimecho: 75-93 (41.2 - 51%) -- guaranteed 3HKO after Leftovers recovery A bit unreliable, considering you're screwed if it gets more than 3 hits, and since chimecho can't actually ko golem, golem is free to spam rock blast until it gets that 4 hit to gg chimecho. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ I would say my main issue with golem is that it incentivizes the use of meganium almost too much. Meganium was pretty decent before golem gained popularity, as it was a pretty nice combination of vileplume and bellossom, along with a nice speed stat, which allowed it to be a cleric, outspeed and gg crawdaunt, counter scizor fairly reliably, become a solid ground resist, and be a surprisingly decent mixed wall. But now, I find there's hardly any reason not to run meganium since it deals with so many of the common threats, while tentacruel has departed from the tier, one of the better switch ins to non eq meganium. I'm not saying meganium is an issue on its own, since it has a lot of flaws, but the cycle of running golem and meganium causes the tier to be a bit centralizing around them.
  3. Also for delibirds season 1, I think the roster was like doctorpbc, sfskump, flavajabari, eggroll, bluejim, instagramlol, sheroo, daniellegal, felix (?), herpetology, toast, jcox, and yettodie. What a giant pile of poau crap
  4. Missing a pretty cool guy on that list edit: found roster from season 2
  5. I see how it is
  6. I hope you're not running hp grass aggron
  7. NU has been tiered somewhat differently for the most part. A lot of slower threats with abusable weaknesses have been allowed to stay in the tier like granbull, kingler, victreebel, and others. Pokemon like specs camerupt, swords dance pinsir, and mixed magmar have very few safe switch ins, but have still been allowed, since we have a more things capable of outspeeding them. Also let's not pretend that poliwrath was doing that good of a job at keeping aggron in check, it was worse than whiscash at handling aggron. It was nearly 2hko'ed by choice band thunder punch and can't ohko in return (even if sturdy is broken). Poliwrath also opened up the door to roselia/qwilfish to lay down spikes and make poliwrath barely a switch in to aggron at all.
  8. Defensive whiscash, bellossom, torkoal for iron tails, kingler is a decent check, metang resists stabs. Slow, bad sp def, and very few switch ins, especially if you want to preserve sturdy. I would put it in the wait and see category.
  9. Nah, we just didn't have a chance to have a meeting yesterday. The movements should be posted later today, but other stuff will be posted later if necessary.
  10. @NikhilR grats on making it off the bench this week. make sure to rep pokemmo
  11. Unlikely, we haven't had any formal discussion on it yet. Our next meeting for stuff is either going to be the 5th or the 12th, and then we might have something to say.
  12. He sent an escape rope to the guy who threatened to kill himself because the game might get updated
  13. this thread is almost better than the Zebra challenge thread
  14. I'm still available to hold money