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  1. BurntZebra

    NU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    I've seen some magnetons lurking around in NU, so escavalier isn't exactly the safest option, even if it decides to run drill run. Escavalier's recovery is pretty much limited to a rest sleep talk set, not sure if people run that or not. It's probably decent but you miss out on pursuit trapping. If it doesn't run rest, then linoone just needs to wait around until escavalier is 50-60% to set up, which is pretty doable. Mismagmius is an option, but it has to be running timid, and it can't be running a sub cm set or else it will lose. Linoone can always run jolly to mess up haunter as well, although I imagine jolly linoone will miss out on some kos. Both ghost types are also prone to pursuit trapping, although not sure how prevalent that is. Defensive normal resists have existed in every meta where linoone was banned, so I wouldn't say that's a compelling argument to me on why it's not overpowered. Crustle/amoonguss/tangrowth/armaldo/golem all fall to the flail set you love so dearly, although flail means you're giving up seed bomb, which probably doesn't matter too much anyways. Sturdy users could work, but unless you have fairly dedicated hazard removal, stealth rock/spikes/toxic spikes will most likely ruin any plans with sturdy. Also it seems like you're forgetting that linoone is usually the last pokemon revealed in the match, late into the game, so the odds of someone keeping a sawk at 100% throughout the entire match on the off chance that the opponent might be running linoone, is pretty slim. My main issue with linoone is that it has a +2 priority stab extreme speed, which makes it very deadly vs an offensive team. You might think, oh if I'm running offense, then linoone won't have a chance to set up, but that's generally incorrect, unless you run 6 things with fighting coverage or strong stab moves. An offense team can't just rely on a priority user or a scarf pokemon to deal with linoone, unlike other set up sweepers, which can be dealt with scarfers or +1 priority. We're probably not going to take any action with NU currently since we're still ironing things out in OU and UU before we really touch NU, so whatever can go wild in NU currently.
  2. BurntZebra

    OU Tier Discussion Request Thread

    252+ SpA Life Orb Blissey Psychic vs. 0 HP / 0 SpD Conkeldurr: 146-172 (81.1 - 95.5%) -- guaranteed 2HKO easy solution
  3. BurntZebra

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Maybe because no one good plays randoms
  4. BurntZebra

    Craig's House

    well if it isn't craig who isn't a doctor
  5. BurntZebra

    Speed stats on wild pokemons

    According to my calculations, with your current speed, you have a 63% of successfully escaping on your first try. To have a 100% to escape, you would need a speed stat of 72. These percentages and values were made assuming PokeMMO uses this formula to calculate escape chances. Edit: To clarify: A=Your Pokemon's speed, B=the wild pokemon's speed, and C is a multiplier for how many attempts you've made at escaping (first attempt = 1, second attempt = 2, and so on). If the F value is greater than 255, then you will always succeed at escaping.
  6. BurntZebra

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Lmao " Mazar would also be punished under regular circumstances, but the TD team does not condone the beating of dead horses."
  7. BurntZebra

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    gotta keep a textpad/pastebin of all the importables. I made that mistake before
  8. BurntZebra

    Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    I love how many scenes are cut off right before he does something horrible
  9. BurntZebra

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    Rock slide is probably the best. It gets poison jab or x scissor, poison jab is only really useful for tapu bulu, which generally doesn't come in vs excadrill anyways as its slower than offensive sets and gets hit hard by iron head. Rock tomb is an option I suppose as it can probably outspeed some interesting stuff at -1 speed and the chip damage probably helps it get some kos on threats as well.
  10. BurntZebra

    The Pokemon Showdown Thread

    I haven't tried it in gen 7 yet, but back in gen 6, there was usually the split decision Of running vest with attack evs (since you're forced to only running attacking moves) or go with a max sp def leftovers set that gets to utilize toxic/stealth rock for pesky sableye teams. I'm not sure if it's worth running max sp def vest now or not, as excadrill mostly relies on its typing to check a lot of threats. I guess vest would be most useful for gengar/lele (assuming it can tank a stab attack+focus blast)
  11. The first thing worth discussing is when PSL 9 will happen. I've touched base on this before in previous posts, so I won't elaborate too much on it. Waiting 6+ months (at least imo) would work for PSL assuming we had other big events that got any hype at all, but unfortunately, most events are a one time thing (Eggplant's 5v5 showdown thing) or died due to lack of hype to begin with (Orange's WCOP), so PSL is really the only reason why a lot of competitive players stick around. Devs have made the competitive atmosphere not worth grinding for with the automation of tournaments and less valuable and more controlled prizes. People who have already committed the grind to be up-to-date in tiers don't even bother logging in for tournaments unless the staff host a tournament with a "rare" prize, which is once a blue moon. For me, PSL was the only thing really keeping me active in game, but even then, PSL did not garner hype like it used to in the first few seasons. Maybe it's the disconnect between the older generation of players and the newer generation of players that somewhat kills some of the hype. As for the "upcoming" update, I have little to no interest in playing the game once the update hits. The game is already stale and the update will be like what Jon Snow (aka A.T.) said, "just more of the same". It'll be new pokemon and a new region, but it'll probably still be the same old grind, with a similar time investment required. I'm fairly confident the devs won't prove me wrong on this. If we decide to have a PSL 9 before the update hits, then I will be willing to discuss the actual parts of PSL, but if we decide to wait until after the update hits, then there is a good chance that I won't return as a host, unless I become gunthug 2.0 and just play a showdown tier+be disconnected from the actual pokemmo community in-game.
  12. BurntZebra

    Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    I was almost a bit sad about Little finger. Not saying he didn't deserve it, but he has been quite pathetic by being in love with a girl like 30 years younger than him etc. I'm a bit bummed at the overall rushed feeling of this season (ie being truncated to 7 episodes instead of 10) and the fact that season 8 might not come until 2019, which will also be only 6 episodes, so it'll probably be more of season 7.
  13. BurntZebra

    The AI in Pokemmo is broken

    Can you believe he still denies this

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