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  1. Can't believe staff allowed shit name to exist but not cuboned ur mum
  2. BurntZebra

    Let's Dance! (Sunday, 25th November)

    @znk26 los walleros making a comeback?
  3. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    got the win still, actually a good game, unfortunately results of it didn't matter
  4. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week Six

    won gg
  5. BurntZebra

    [LC Discussion] Misdreavus

    Mienfoo has many other checks/counters that banning misdreavus would not have an impact on it. Also a piece of tiering advice is that you shouldn't worry about what the future meta will look like, as you can always fix the future meta by banning something else. Overall, I'm a bit split on misdreavus currently. I'm inclined to say it's not banworthy currently, but if it gains access to nasty plot via spiritomb, that would definitely push it over the edge as it means porygon/munchlax can no longer avoid being 2hko'ed by misdreavus. As it stands currently, misdreavus seems to be running shadow ball+hp fighting almost always, with either sub+calm mind, pain split+will o wisp, or sub+thunderbolt as the last 2 moves. Eviolite roost vullaby is able to stop all of these sets and the only one it would struggle against would be a misdreavus that has calm mind and thunderbolt, which means that misdreavus will no longer have a protection against status and won't be able to scout enemy switches with substitute. Another important thing to note is that misdreavus is mostly bulky from its eviolite, so if you knock it off with mienfoo, ferroseed, timburr, etc, then it becomes much easier to stop. I think in the current LC meta, there is enough offensive pressure for misdreavus to rarely get a good chance to set up, and the viability of scarf users is high enough that a set up misdreavus can still be revenge killed fairly easily. It also helps that vullaby+porygon, two of the better answers to misdreavus, are also very viable A/S rank mons in the LC meta, so you're not really being forced to run weird gimmicks to deal with misdreavus, unlike what gbwead is trying to claim.
  6. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week Four

    won gg
  7. BurntZebra

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    I believe I only took bets with enchanteur+kriliin. I already paid enchanteur and haven't gotten around to paying kriliin yet
  8. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week Three

    me vs mlhawk in 10 minutes
  9. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week Two

    kiwi vs strider in a minute or less
  10. BurntZebra

    [PSLX] Betting Thread

    posting bets for Jovi also 1mil on myself (BurntZebra) @Rise plebs take please
  11. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week One

    won gg
  12. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Week One

    obviously the person who wins is the one posting. if anything, to avoid spoilers, someone else not from either team should post the replay if you really wanted to avoid spoilers
  13. BurntZebra

    [PSL X] Player Registration

    IGN: BurntZebra Timezone: EST Fluff: Most active TC member, better than all of RISE combined, better than all of PSL 5 ninjas, coolest PSL host in the past 6 seasons Preferred Tiers: USUM LC / USUM OU / GSC OU / RBY OU / ADV OU Most Preferred Manager: Haazuu / Predakiller
  14. So rude to season 1 and 2 of PSL, the best seasons of PSL
  15. BurntZebra

    LC Discussion Request Thread

    Houndour is not a good mon in a tier with many good stealth rock setters (onix, tirtouga, ferroseed, dwebble, pawniard) and its immunity to fire is fairly irrelevant. Its usefulness as a psychic answer is not useful considering abra is not as good without magic guard. It also adds to a team's fighting weakness which is rarely good since we're lacking some fighting resists (regen foongus/slowpoke mainly). Murkrow and misdreavus are probably the 2 most banworthy mons that exist in LC currently, so I'd say discussion should be mainly on those for now. Murkrow has insane versatility and great base stats (also hitting 19 speed), which makes predicting what moves it has very difficult. It also has stab sucker punch to ruin the days of any scarfers that try to revenge it. Misdreavus seems slightly more manageable personally. Running knock off on timburr/mienfoo will cripple misdreavus bulk a lot (and knock off is a god move in LC anyways, even with low base power). It also has the trade off of running speed or bulk. Sure it can hit 19 speed, but it'll also be a lot frailer vs scarfers/things that can tank a hit. It also doesn't have nasty plot so its offensive presence is a lot less than what it would be with nasty plot. Another food for thought. Shell smash users. I only watched the finals match of the recent lc tournament so I don't know how much shell smash users were used, but they are quite powerful and difficult to stop. Shellder, clamperl, tirtouga, dwebble are a few that come to mind. Shellder has reasonable physical bulk, which allows it to set up on certain physical attackers, and it has flexibility in its moveset to some extent with its last slot. Clamperl has insane power behind it, but is more difficult to set up/not get revenged by sucker punch etc. Surf+hp fire coverage gives you all the coverage you need at +2 sp atk. Diglett can be used as a support for any shell smasher. It can remove pawniard, a troublesome pokemon for smashers due to its typing and stab sucker punch. It can memento on a threat to allow a shell smasher to set up. It can pick off anything low hp that is slower than it. Diglett will be one of those annoying mons in LC that will be extra annoying without team preview. You'll have to second guess pressing volt switch with magnemite or chinchou, fearing the diglett popping out from its dirt hole. I'm not sure if diglett will outright be banworthy, since it has low power and low bulk, meaning it has very little that it can outright ko, even if it gets in safely. It's definitely something to watch out for in the future, most likely for potentially unhealthy teambuilding constraints, but I guess we'll have to see how the LC meta evolves.

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