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  1. I sold my Shiny Sableye a few weeks ago for 5.5 milions. It also had basically no market, I don't know if it was due to the game being almost dead though. Maybe holding onto it should have been better as there will be a player/money influx with Gen 5 update. Right now I'm trying to sell a Shiny Golem, how much do you guys think it's worth? I would also like some advice about this particular Charmander (F Charmander lv1 - Brave - 11/21/31/31/31/30) which I don't know how to price as I'm quite ignorant on breeding costs.
  2. Why not Mt Ember? You could get luckier and find Shiny Charmander or Magmar. By the way I though you were paydaying because you mentioned using leppa berries.
  3. Where do you hunt? And do you use payday? I feel like it's a waste of time to payday when shiny hunting
  4. First of all, a "Claim All" button for sold goods is needed. Then, some more advanced search options would be great, like an option to search for 1x31, 2x31 etc. Pokèmon without having to choose exactly what stat has to be 31. Then, I would like it if by writing a move or ability in the search bar we could find all the Pokèmon on the market with that move/ability. Also, I don't know why the sellers don't have the option to reduce the price of what they are selling. I would like to be able to lower my price if what I am trying to sell doesn't sell, especially if it's something I paid a 50k tax to put on the market.
  5. I would also like it if we could search by move. Say, I want to buy a Pokemon with Sweet Scent or whatever move I want, I would like to be able to specifically search for every Pokemon with that move on the market. Same for ability, which would make it easier to buy the right Synchronize Pokemon.
  6. Having it be random would be weird, it could be an option like with sweet scent? So when you walk near someone you can activate Transform and Ditto transforms into the guy's follower Pokemon.
  7. Please put "Black Gi", Black Goku's gi. This is what it looks like: You could take Turtle Gi and change the colors. It looks great in my opinion. We also have combat armor, so it would be nice if you could add a Saiyan hair wig (two wigs of Goku's hair like in the image would be enough I think).
  8. I was unactive for a while, do Eggs have a timer before they hatch?
  9. emperior

    Event Reward

    I don't even play competitive but this makes way too much sense. I suppose it would be cool if players who won prestigious tournaments could be recognized due to using a Shiny in their comp team. As of now no serious comp player would use a Shiny 2x31 4x25 over a 5x31/good HP Pokemon.
  10. Do you guys use donor status? Also, would it be faster to hunt for charmander or to breed them?
  11. emperior

    Quick Wishlist

    - Claim all feature for sold Pokemon/items in GTL. - Goku Black Gi in Gift Shop. Please, it's just too amazing.
  12. I see GTL as a way to reduce prices cause it creates competition between sellers. What you are suggesting would make GTL's prices pretty much always the same.
  13. I'm hunting for Shiny Torchic/Mudkip and Charmander. I'd like one of those. Not sure if I would evolve them though.
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