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  1. Its Docile dumby   Also; I kinda decided to not log on for a while so yeah rip me and everything I have. I may log on to give it back, I dunno   EDIT: Yogi's gone? Screw this I'm out
  2. HP Ice 60 Jolt HP Grass 60 Jolt HP Water 60 Jolt HP Fire 60 Espy HP Ghost 60 Machamp HP Fire 60 Haunter HP Ice 60 Gengar   and much much more..   I love this update.
  3. http://challonge.com/pokemmochamp1   >3 walls >2 crits >2 flinchs   screw 4v4
  4. First two tournaments I placed 4th place. Pretty happy.   http://challonge.com/nicerdicer   http://challonge.com/EVSpontaneous5
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