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  1. totes get it mate,no need to apologise,youre the one doing me a solid afterall.thought youd either forgotten or werent srs tbh lel   1000th post woooooooo
  2. so totes understand your photoshop is down but if youre game and inspired to do it could i request some art plox? if yes i was thinking two fat dudes arguing about who the real phatiman is..this idea is courtesy of fred who suggested it but never made it:( (i think it was fred,cant remember honestly,stoner memory ftw)look forward to what you come up wif..thanks for your time ploegy,muchos appreciate it.
  3. people told me you sucked,I said "no hes just a lil rusty but dont count him out,he'l be back in form soon,give it a chance" well that chance was given and JJ took it without a moments hesitation. your actions spoke for emselves,no moar needs to be said. grats JJ mate,weba to the top. [spoiler]honourable mentions to nik for some amaze plays and to toasty for rekking as consistently as he did even with an untested team.[/spoiler]
  4. happened to me,logged off and completely forgot about my breed,went back to breed another poke and was told I had an egg and not remembering what it was i chose the gender randomly..it just so happened i needed a male and chose a fem to be safe..rip me. great suggestion +1
  5. just what I've been looking for,thanks on the awesome guide keith,now take all my likes.
  6. thank you based ploegness,youre the real #1
  7. but it'd be nice if they were alphabetically ordered no?like still by rankings just in alphabetical order as a secondary form of ordering.
  8. sup ploegy sexy,are you still doing siggy requests?if so I'd be honoured to wear your art with pride,if not disregard the spoiler and thankies for your time...   [spoiler] Text:Phatiman[Poau] Character/Pokemon/Whatever: a fat dude doodle would be epic if nit parasect works too Background:purple(so so much purple) Anything else?:Poau #1 thankies [/spoiler]
  9. ‘To try and fail is at least to learn; to fail to try is to suffer the inestimable loss of what might have been.’ - Chester Barnard

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    2. Akshit


      damn bro, you need to put this as your facebook status too :D

    3. TheRealPhatiman


      lol implying any one even uses fb any more except outa boredom

    4. Akshit


      Well in India we do, quite a lot.

  10. Back once for again for the renegade master

  11. hyper offensive ftw

  12. A sunday late afternoon beer run sounded awesome in my head til i actually tried finding an open bottle store..Curse you forfi for giving me the craving,tonight your anoos pays.

  13. I'm Back...(just for a visit)

    1. Mike


      Come back bby ;-;

    2. ItzJ0sh8


      ya what mike said Q_Q

  14. ffs,had a long ass essay of a suggestion that wouldve fixed all our problems and one missclick ruined it all..and so the sufferance continues

  15. theres just too much grind and this adds to it,I see absolutely no point in spending the time or money(1 mil range for 25k and countless hours if youre poor)on one move for one poke,the competitive scene is this games end game but from an outsiders perspective you'd swear making comps were discouraged..a change was needed from the previous system,I agree.but,did we have to go a full 180 in the other direction? +1
  16. UU needs moar walls,I dont wanna have 4-5 poke cores no mo...seriously though,like where this meta is moving,great jobs so far council..

  17. If I had just one wish it would be to have an ass big enough for the whole world to kiss..

  18. The Good Times Are Killing Me

  19. Some people have hopes and dreams,others,have ways and means.

  20. To Pimp A Butterfly

  21. Came on to check when the TT was this month and still no thread-_-sad thing is this is most likely it for me,cant even find the motivation to log in any more..who wants to gibe free stuff to re inspire me?need moneh to hire an ev trainer cause #toooooomuchosgrindo for me

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    2. Toira


      try dat mofo

    3. TheRealPhatiman


      lol that profile feed spam<3 making me look cool and shit,I did google but I think its only for canada and murica so i didnt look into it,also 50 doll hairs is a shit load for me so rip there tooooooooo:(i meant free mmos lol

    4. Toira


      awe dammit lol

  22. Seems Im not dying off just yet..will be coming back for a bit to help a mate out with his team and this months TT

  23. fair enough,so let me rephrase that "Partly/to an extent relies on rng"the point I was trying to make was that losing shards as a form of income wouldn't matter to an extent,there are alternative and more productive methods to replace it,Im not saying they aren't a good form of income,I actually prefer hunting them over paydaying but if I wasn't lazy then realistically paydaying would be the better form of income..and I agree they shouldn't be disregarded but in the same breath move tutors shouldn't be as difficult as they are to acquire and standardizing them as a whole opens up its availability to every one.shards don't need to be abolished but perhaps re assigned a use.the current system makes story line tutors somewhat an exclusive thing to have when they should be readily available to every one.as it is there's a huge gap in the comp scene because of a multitude of reasons and this just adds to it...[spoiler].a fun idea would be to make them trad-able for bp,rarer shards such as green being worth more(maybe 50 bp?) while the more common ones such as yellow a fraction of that,not only would shards hold their place in the market but perhaps become even more desirable and also offer the opportunity to players who cant farm trainer tower,or simply dont want to(the rng is so stronk in there) an alternative way in acquiring moves most people dont have access to.only a handful of people actually farm trainer tower successfully and as a result richer more experienced players are literally the only ones with access to these moves,while Im all for event moves being exclusive to a degree(that's exactly what they were meant for)the average Joe should still be afforded an equal chance to atleast work towards obtaining it..what im trying to say is,offer a system for acquiring basic/normal/story line moves that is more readily accessible to every one and make shards have more of an exclusive use,whether it be a bp trade out or something else entirely.(greens for macho braces,reds for lefties,yellow for lightballs/soothebell and blues for exp shares?)the means currently dont justify the end[/spoiler]
  24. Wont be on much if at all for the next few months,if you need me for anything i.e comps for a tourneh just pm me here a day before and il make sure i log on

    1. Noad


      See you around, Phati. Take care o/

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