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  1. PHATI #1

    1. TheRealPhatiman


      Nooooooo Mike is and always will be #1 ❤️

  2. So uhm alots changed since I was last on, like what? 4-5 years ago now? Am I even posting in the right place? What happened to the round table? It's an archive now? Like damn dudes, is there even any one that still plays that remembers me? Started all over again, still have my old account but I've missed so many updates I had no frikken idea where to start. In Kanto now so we'll see how that goes.. Long story short.. Sup
  3. sup fam[spoiler],still looking for a sig if any one feels up to it?go right ahead and just make anything with phatiman and aura in it,is all i want...am i allowed to give yen for siggies?il legit give a millie to my favourite if we are allowed.[/spoiler]
  4. I miss you moar,missed all you dudes truthfully,weird how true friendships are formed over a game but yeah with everything thats happened Il admit as much as I wanted to pop in and say hello I just didnt feel ready yet..I wont be ingame much but youl be seeing me on the forums again..all I need is love and im gewd<3   I learnt the lesson to never fuck with a taken woman,I learnt it the hard way..let your dick do the thinking and get quite literally shafted lol whats going on that makes my semi return perfect?inb4 exciting shit
  5. sup dudes,hows every one been?soz for my absence..was in a bit of an accident and spent nearly 3 months in hospital,still not completely healed yet,cant sit for extended periods of time so i likely wont be on often if at all..just thought id pop in and say hi
  6. totes get it mate,no need to apologise,youre the one doing me a solid afterall.thought youd either forgotten or werent srs tbh lel   1000th post woooooooo
  7. so totes understand your photoshop is down but if youre game and inspired to do it could i request some art plox? if yes i was thinking two fat dudes arguing about who the real phatiman is..this idea is courtesy of fred who suggested it but never made it:( (i think it was fred,cant remember honestly,stoner memory ftw)look forward to what you come up wif..thanks for your time ploegy,muchos appreciate it.
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