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  1. This idea is great, but tbh the hatching is not fully the problem. Waiting for the egg to be able to get picked up is. You're able to do stuff with an egg in your party, tho waiting for an egg is truely time waste. Thus making eggs be created imidiatly would be a huge wonder.
  2. Doubles

    The current weather setters are Tyranitar, Hippowdon and Gigalith for Sand Stream. Pelliper for Drizzle and Torkoal for Drought. Hidden abilities are planned to come out with dungeons, which in my guess will take half a year orso (again my guess).
  3. Doubles

    Sand stream, drizzle and drought should be working accordingly. As these were gen 3 moves, tho we had no previous pokemon learn drizzle and drought (no access to groundon or kyogre). Snow warning is only on the snover line, which we currently don't have. Also if im not mistaken weather was permanent in the BW metagame, here it will be 5-8 turns depending if you have damp rock or the sun variant for it. Will it also be essential for the PokeMMO metagame, that currently is too early to say as the update hit only 3 days ago and people haven't had the time to create full teams.
  4. Why so long server down

    use your phone to tether internet (uses like 5mb/ hour)
  5. Why so long server down

    mmo hardly needs a connection
  6. Why so long server down

    servers are live
  7. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    You can minimize the encounter counter that was made by billa i think, that way it only shows the number of encounters you have done.

  9. Will we get a PC Expansion?

    What are the odds of us needing pc expansion tickets for these?
  10. Kanto Gym Leader Rematch!

    Brock was around 8k (7983 iirc) without amulet coin.
  11. Proposed Temporary Update Tiers Discussion

    Our lord and savior has spoken.
  12. Halloween 2017

    It is not a boost to the financial side of the game, because the items you want to sell need to be bought by other players in the game.

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