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  1. YettoDie

    [Nerd] - Home of the like-minded

    Hey look lads, first page has been taken :) Nerds, hahahah
  2. YettoDie

    Team Tournament November 2018 [Saturday 24]

    Team Name: Pokemon Aura Team Tag: [AURA] with that weird A Registered Players: Excavalier, Axellgor, YettoDie, BlueBreath, LifeStyle, Fennikan, FunkyKong, Cali, EVLGOON, SpartacusGD, iJulianFNT, Forfiter Team Captain: Forfiter
  3. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Seven

    me vs @Lazaaro in 18 minutes https://gyazo.com/26f81014798f9d34c6e7862db42d351b
  4. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Six

    Me vs @Goldeneyes in 13
  5. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Five

    https://gyazo.com/3c7559d328846a31b01d14b295cae7ab sorry for the crit
  6. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Four

    Me vs @OrangeManiac
  7. YettoDie

    More User-Friendly use of Consume-Able items.

    get your information correct, they only give 50 evs each. Pretty sure that got fixed
  8. YettoDie

    More User-Friendly use of Consume-Able items.

    Put the item you want to use on your hotbar, press corresponding button and left click the poke you want to use, saves a lot of clicking, of course not as fast as your idea, but better than your current situation.
  9. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Three

    Sorry yosoy for the flinch.
  10. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Three

    Myself vs @yosoyarca
  11. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week Two

    Me vs @EfronX in 10 GG Efron!
  12. YettoDie

    [PSL X] Week One

    myself vs @Suneetin 30 minutes (8pm CEST)

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