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  1. Too busy worshipping your tenta, we get it dont worry.
  2. But what if you are selling a lot of breeders, or the comps you haven't used for ages but are in need of money. Yes, the single pokeball is extremely annoying and pointless, but the time restriction would bring its own problems with it aswel.
  3. I thought it to be cute to be honest with you, in the end there would have been no way for mnemo to loose after the psychic on raichu, crit or not.
  4. chimecho is able to easily stall out raichu's hits, besides mnemo would have 3 other pokes to "sack" dealing atleast 30% damage to your raichu, making the crit in the end irrelavent. 4 SpA Chimecho Psychic vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Raichu: 58-70 (42.6 - 51.4%) 4 SpA Chimecho Psychic vs. 4 HP / 0 SpD Raichu on a critical hit: 88-105 (64.7 - 77.2%) Besides kec was already toxiced, so that couldn't stall forever either.
  5. His labcoat is colourable tho.
  6. [Careful] 29 9 30 28 29 31 1m
  7. IGN: YettoDie Timezone: Gmt +1 Tiers: MMO NU, LC Fluff: guess I am somewhat decent
  8. LC is incredibly rng based, for example my match vs orange in lc tourney 8, i lost due to a rs flinch turn one. While the match itself was like 15 turns orso. Therefore a bo3 would be prefered imo.
  9. So, will there be the best tier: LC in this PSL?
  10. Gl on your 0.1% quest for a shedinja.
  11. The last time was 9 months, not a year don't spread lies like that.
  12. Bravo K9, you're going to crush berries that are worth more uncrushed than crushed, all the tier 1 berries, 3 seed berries or however you want to call them sell for atleast 1k on gtl, which would rougly be 165k using your numbers. Saving you the time of converting them to pp up/max. Besides, you're also forgetting the oppertunity cost, and the costs of seeds for the 5 berry powder berries, as plain sweet are negligible. PP maxes are ~70k currently needs 2 pp ups ~45-50k 2 white herbs (250 bp) ~10k and 20 berry powder can be 10-15k at most meaning berry powder cant cost more than 750 ea in the most ideal circumstance in this example. At the moment of writing this, berry powder is around 500 ea. which makes it barely worth it with the price of the individual items. Conclusion: crafting is shit :D ps: other items made by crafting are even worse.
  13. New chesar confirmed?