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  1. Details Tournament Mode | Single Battle | Unlimited Players | 6v6 Date & Time Friday evenings, this will be a weekly tournament, this will be hosted through Einsteins Discord for the specific times. Explanation Tiers: LC 1 Hour Time Limit on Matches Banlist: Sneasel Scyther Yanma Meditite Tangela Murkrow Misdreavus Scraggy Gligar Diglett Trapinch There will be weeks in the future where some/all of the above mentioned pokemons will be allowed.
  2. No, I did not pay Mathew to say this, I did however pay Stelian after he won vs you. Cuz fuck you, with love of course.
  3. Ban regenerator until hidden abilities come out.
  4. The Trashtalking Taillows Vs Empoleon Bonapartis NU JuniorPT vs Cristii 13 minutes
  5. IGN: YettoDie Reason: After being in almost every PSL, I'm curious to the other side of the table. Got some experience leading some lads back in the day. Other random stuff: Taillow is the best pokemon. Buttbuddy : Forfiter
  6. So, Let me be clear, this "human", of which I am still not sure if that term is applicable. It bred 66 mons within the span of half a week. If you don't watch out this guy takes all your money and just leaves you on the spot with some creatures you now got to take care of. 1/10 wouldn't recommend anyone who is any sound of mind to use this "human", that way I have no competition of having the luxury of getting my money syphoned.
  7. It would be curious how LC would be without Mienfoo having a 70% presence, we currently have very few pokes that can reliably answer Mienfoo. Hidden Abilities should make it a bit easier to answer the poke, sadly noone knows when it will hit. The fact that you gain so much momentum from U-turn + the health regen, that besides it's amazing supporting and offensive movepool.As it has been said many times before, it's pretty much too good not to use, the same went for Misdreavus which used to be a decent answer for Mienfoo. I'd be for a test ban of Mienfoo. That is if we don't want to
  8. me vs @EpicVerde in 7 minutes https://gyazo.com/b709e88c3f04cdfc87eaafba698f9680
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