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  1. [PSL9] Player Registration

    IGN: YettoDie Timezone: GMT +1 Fluff: Girls scare the shit out of me. Most Preferred Manager: Mkns
  2. 1m is too much for me for those ivs, thanks for the quick response tho.
  3. How much would a 3x31 2x30 natured cost me, no spatk. Your choice of where the 30s and 31s go, field group?
  4. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Good enough of an answer, it seem you're purely focused on the money you get. Disregarding the value of the items you get of paydaying. 100k / hour is not even good to make per hour for most people. I suggest you to look at, it's quite outdated, but most methods are still working. Many of these methods result in atleast 100k per hour, currently the Christmas Event is going on. If you and your partner are good at it it's atleast 450k per hour.
  5. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    So you consider 60-80k worth your time per hour? Do you calculate items you pick up into this or what. You still haven't given a number of what you want it to be.
  6. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    2017 is new. You still haven't given me an answer on how much is little, and how much you'd like to gain per hour. Because words don't correspond with a number and thus is different for everyone as it's a perspective.
  7. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    I'm just trying to figure out the mindset of a newer player considering our economy. I'm well aware that the economy is quite broken aswel, newer players don't. They mostly assume, lets increase all the money making methods so they have more money in the short run, neglecting the long run. Ofcourse, making money from absolute 0 is really difficult, but the same goes for real life.
  8. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    Not what I asked. It's hard to help when you don't know what the other one thinks.
  9. Suggestion about ingame currency.

    I wonder, what do you consider little money? Preferably give a rate per hour. And how much do you think would be a good rate per hour.
  10. [LC] Accidental missing or on purpose?

    Probably the main pokemon on my mind that might be too strong is Misdreavus, even without eviolite it's already a monster. But since pretty much noone is playing LC, it's hard to conclude all the things just from theory crafting.
  11. [Unofficial] Shiny Existence Thread [5th Life]

    You're more than welcome xD, my trusty EV trainer.
  12. Ocarinas in northpole

    Ocarina's won't work in dungeons, and this is intended. Prior the an update, you could "talk" to water, which you weren't able to do for a while, they fixed that now.
  13. Event and Cash

    Most of the time there are people on trade chat who sell RP, they can provide you with any item you want pretty much as long as you're willing to pay a bit above the average, as for the headphones you want, there are 2 on GTL, if it's not the colour you want you can always buy a dye from aswel.

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