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  1. IGN: YettoDie Accolades: Still playing after like 9 years. Fluff: Got some knowledge of LC I guess
  2. https://pokepast.es/09ce763c649219d1
  3. Thanks everyone for joining all the different tourneys, it was great fun, hope everyone had the same amount. OU: https://challonge.com/YettosOUParty 1st: Luke 2nd: Endiii 3rd: RafaPallet 4th: ThinkNicer UU: https://challonge.com/34hc8635 1st: mkns 2nd: DrTylerGrey 3rd: RobbinHo 4th: QuinnW NU: https://challonge.com/YettosNUParty 1st: GasaiYunoSan 2nd: xLuneth 3rd: MadaraSixSix 4th: Sebat LC: https://challonge.com/ncdjwecw 1st: PoseidonWrath 2nd: HernJet 3rd: PedroLincoUnico 4th: xWhinkz something Doubles: https://challonge.com/n3fw1l4c 1st: SoumaYukihira 2nd: iKillua 3rd: Badbaarsito 4th: AkuraKoneko something Catching 1st: RealDevilLegend with Jolly 30/23/30/19/28/28 coming to 168 2nd: ARCHorstTWO with Rash 21/31/22/31/29/29 coming to 163 3rd: DeviceFanBoy with Docile 26/28/31/21/21/30 coming to 157 4th: Incognition with Impish 0/3/0/9/0/10 coming to 22 Enjoy the prizes everyone who won.
  4. Signups have started! PM the person hosting INGAME the tier you want to play. Hosts: - YettoDie (OU) (Catching) - Poufilou (UU) - LimbowRed (NU) - PoseidonWrath (LC) - Badbaarsito (Doubles) PS. People in the catching event can just link their mon once its 9pm GMT to YettoDie.
  5. The highest 3 scores in the catching event get 20m, 3m, 2m, the lowest score gets 1m. But then silph co isn't filled to the brim with people. Which is like the best part. In case of too many people, it will have to be hold in multiple channels.
  6. Thanks @Sashaolin for the amazing banner! Still looking for a host for OU or UU.
  7. You absolutely can only join the catching, it's the only "tier" that is allowed to be played after getting knocked out of one of the tournaments, Bedankt
  8. As long as it is caught within the mentioned time. Location is irrelevant to me.
  9. There will be 5 tournaments held at the same time. People will only be allowed to join ONE tier, so choose wisely. Being caught trying to be in two tournaments, will result in being disqualified in both. To participate, PM the respective host before the tournament starts, 30 minutes in advanced till the bracket is finished. The plan is to START at 7PM GMT on the dot. The rules for each tier are the normal ones, for LC follow All the tournaments will be held at Silph Co Channel 4. Prizes for each tier + catching event 1st place 20m 2nd place 3m 3rd place 2m 4th place 1m For the catching event. This lasts for 2 hours, 7PM GMT - 9PM GMT. People who have been eliminated from a tournament are allowed to participate in the catching event. The pokemon to catch will be Taillow. Nature bonus: - Jolly 10 - Naive 7 - Adamant 5 - Brave - 5 (negative points) - Quiet - 10 (negative points) The three Taillows with the highest score will be #1, #2, #3. The Taillow with the lowest score will be #4 (PM YettoDie for the Taillow you submit) LF hosts (they can play) Hosts: - YettoDie (OU) (Catching) - Poufilou (UU) - PoseidonWrath (LC) - LimbowRed (NU) - Badbaarsito (Doubles) LF Spanish and Chinese translations. Spanish: courtesy to Akaru <3 Chinese: (WIP)
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