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  1. Ronax


    I can understand why some people are disappointed/hate the new movie. There are parts that I really didn't like as well, as matter of fact, my all-time LEAST favorite star wars scene/moment is in The Last Jedi, but it also had some of my favorites. Star Wars is so iconic and is loved by so many people that we have huge expectations and tend to pick apart the little things that might not normally bother us. I've been reading a lot of reviews and hearing a lot of peoples opinions and to be honest, most of the stuff I've been hearing is kind of petty(in my opinion). I would love to go more into depth, and I will, but I want to wait a little while longer so I don't spoil anything for anyone. (Not even tempting anyone with spoiler :P) My initial reaction to movie left me with an uncertain feeling. I know I had enjoyed the movie, but I really had to sit down and process what I had just watched. I pieced together all the little details and thought of the information that wasn't just flat out given to us, that we the audience had to figure out ourselves. I realized how much I fricken loved the movie afterward, regardless of the not so great parts.
  2. Ronax


    I saw the Last Jedi two days ago..BEST Star Wars movie so far in my opinion! I will wait another week or so before posting anything spoiler related. Edit: I also have things that I disliked about the movie, but overall I enjoyed it so much. After really processing everything I had seen, I ended up loving it more and more.
  3. Ronax


    Welcome to PokeMMO!
  4. Welcome back to PokeMMO!
  5. Ronax


    Happy Star Wars Day!
  6. Ronax


    For those of you who haven't seen this, I highly recommend giving it a watch. Rest in peace Carrie Fisher.
  7. Ronax


    Words cannot describe how excited I am! The scene at 0:39 gave me chills.
  8. This is actually the same labcoat that Bluejim posted a picture of earlier.
  9. Ronax


    I like this.. I will be upset if they do kill off Luke, but I have a hard time seeing them do that.
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