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  1. I like making people laugh. Sometimes that gets me in trouble ;)

  2. walter where u been? come online plox / post in team thread plox / i love you / i neeeed u

  3. where have you been :'(

  4. Good day to you Sir ;)

    1. SirGaryOak


      Thanks a lot Sir.

      And a good to you aswell! ;-)

  5. First day of boating college :/

  6. We know that you have your choice in entertainment, so on behalf of the fellow banned players on the forums, I would like to say Thanks you for choosing PokeMMO!

  7. facebook said it was your birthday..... happy birthday beyooootch

  8. ayy gurl, sup ;)

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    2. SirAtlas


      Ooooh I've been thinkin' bout ya, do you think about me still. do ya, do ya?

    3. SirAtlas


      Gurl I 'ont even need you!

    4. fredrichnietze


      this makes me laugh rip aaronaaron

  9. happy birthday bud

    1. OrangeManiac
    2. OrangeManiac


      I like your new avatar.

    3. SirAtlas


      thanks homie ;)

  10. Good night, sweet prince

  11. Gonna take a little break from PokeMMO...

  12. If you are reading this then you have chosen to play my game.   Keep reading?   (Yes) (No)     July 25, 2013
  13.   Why did you make a new, new forum account?   Who is the girl in your gravatar?   Yes i realize that I completely ignored your question
  14. woot woot congrats fool

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    2. ShinyChansey
    3. Kimikozen


      rip old chansey

      congrats tho

    4. kloneman


      Chansey no! They are going to turn you in to a military man!

  15. Happy Birthday :P

  16. SirAtlas


    1. You're not new   2. Welcome back <3   3. #heyimacrabForCM2013   4. Hey, he's not really a crab.
  17. Damn...   I barely knew you Simon but you were really helpful at tournaments, etc.   It sucks you got fired but word on the street is that it was only a temp ban so they could remove the CM tag.   Thanks for playing PokeMMO.
  18. SirAtlas


  19.   Relies on luck....   of course it works   [spoiler]I was tired[/spoiler]
  20.   Nah like, it says i am in the 'members' group but I can't click on my name or send myself messages, etc. really similar to yours, just curious as to how you are posting things.
  21.   I already talked to Kyu, but he said he couldn't fix it :'(   Hoping that SmokEm can do some voodoo shit or something   AtlasRIP
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