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  1. IGN: AJoStyle Reason: "Sign up or get kicked " NORE motto right :-) Preferred Tiers: Dubz Competitive accolades (optional, although it certainly increases your chances of getting picked/having an higher salary): coming back got some unofficial wins back in the day and 1 or 2 offi semis Discord contact (optional): Other random stuff: could be my 1st psl
  2. no answer ? dead game ? the game mechanics of wide guard never failin completely flaws the game in dubs
  3. Well no answer , maybe i m in the wrong section to report Bug or maybe its intended i checked bulbapedia and mental herb should cure cursed body wich is actually not the case In the same logic , why on pokemmo wide guard is not failing after multiple attempt like protect does and like the move is intended to be ( even in the move description of pokemmo) ...
  4. Dunno if it is a bug or if it's intended but when my mental herb holder shadow ball a cursed body gengar , my shadowball attack was disabled , then the mental herb was consumed (?!) and then i still couldnt use shadow ball again So i have 2 questions - is mental herb intended to heal a disable problem ? -if yes , it just didnt work - if not, why the heck does it get consumed ? ty
  5. Very good and very fast 100% would do again 100% would recommend
  6. Do you make 0iv speed mons ?
  7. So community combat get the same prize as offi ? What is the point of non-shiny prize in offi ?
  8. Same thing happened to me earlier my opponent quit brutally the match got the ELO point and win stats but got no BP no ranked rewards point bug ?
  9. and ? implying people that are playin double should before force themself to play in UU/NU matchmaking ? this is stupid reflexion , maybe the devs thinks the same , well if its the case we re f****
  10. Devs plz ! just make a freakin' double matchmaking its literally 10 min of code
  11. ? Uu and Nu player are mostly Ou player double is more a niche and im sure that a matchmaking double would not steal that much player of the other tier but bring the dubs player to the matchmakin system and im pretty sure it wont steal one player to uu/nu queue I understand your opinion tho its completely flawed and backed With strange argument why would wE have tourny of other thing beside Ou ? After all every other tier just take people out of the game right ! Get rid of uu nu dubs maybe wE should get ride of rugby and handball coz it drag away footba
  12. AJooo

    Quick Wishlist

    Double matchmaking forfeit option double matchmaking
  13. Can wE have a double battle queue in game shouldnt be that hard to implément and could be very useful for dubs player who want to train and farm up battle points
  14. And what about à dubs queue seriously ....
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