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  1. and ? implying people that are playin double should before force themself to play in UU/NU matchmaking ? this is stupid reflexion , maybe the devs thinks the same , well if its the case we re f****
  2. Devs plz ! just make a freakin' double matchmaking its literally 10 min of code
  3. ? Uu and Nu player are mostly Ou player double is more a niche and im sure that a matchmaking double would not steal that much player of the other tier but bring the dubs player to the matchmakin system and im pretty sure it wont steal one player to uu/nu queue I understand your opinion tho its completely flawed and backed With strange argument why would wE have tourny of other thing beside Ou ? After all every other tier just take people out of the game right ! Get rid of uu nu dubs maybe wE should get ride of rugby and handball coz it drag away football/soccer player right people who play dubs need a queue coz their pokes are shit in ou/uu/nu (follow me / after you/protect) when a uu player is fine using uu in ou queue its just lil hardmode
  4. AJooo

    Quick Wishlist

    Double matchmaking forfeit option double matchmaking
  5. Can wE have a double battle queue in game shouldnt be that hard to implément and could be very useful for dubs player who want to train and farm up battle points
  6. And what about à dubs queue seriously ....
  7. What about implementation of a double battle queue for double battle player ? doesnt sound like a hell of a work ?
  8. what will sinnoh add in term of comp scene ?
  9. VGC tourny to try it now team prev is a thing 2 doubles offi tounry per month with shiny
  10. AJooo

    Ladder rewards

    Double Battle Ladder ! every ladder should be more popular with some good rewards
  11. I cant understand why hunting events have better prize than comp event like srsly #FullCustomShiny4Prize
  12. sad ... ty though for quick answer
  13. Why cant i get fake out on blastoise with move relearner ? I thought toise got fake out as a start move in gen 7 same question for scrafty , cant have it a battle tower , when he did get it as an event move ty
  14.   Could be really cool to test this in august TT, this might be a refreshing and fun format to watch at the TT it also might crown the very best team !!
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