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  1. Miss the Makise Kurisu GIF

  2. Never use the same password for a bunch of websites, I just learned that lesson the hard way.


    Use a password manager like Bitwarden instead...

    Useful advice if someone ever reads this, sayonara

    1. AurumPegasus


      Thanks for the information fella ^-^

  3. Oh... thanks. I have another code: https://www.playgwent.com/redeem/ANY62BD342FD295C47
  4. Since offtopic was annihilated, I have no idea where the shit should I post this. If you like the Witcher games, here I got a code to play GWENT, enjoy it. https://www.playgwent.com/redeem/ANY61674598723CED9
  5. https://forums.pokemmo.eu/index.php?/topic/19731-3rd-party-program-encounters-counter/?hl=counter   This can helps meanwhile...
  6. Use Thor, and you will reach the dark part of internet
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