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  1. @Swirly I needed it to get rid of one extra color (used only for goggle lens, 8 pixels in total). @Moetal ?
  2. The arm edit was probably unnecessary, but I'm not sure. -> Question: is it acceptable to use a skin color for something other than skin? (in this case I mean the middle skin color for few pixels on her goggles) I'm asking both in general and with future shiny Flygon's sprites in mind.
  3. Colors used for her hair are actually in more places, so if we were to be precise, it would be more like this: I kind of like this version, but maybe blue contours are a bad thing? I don't know.
  4. @Swirly That's true, however I wonder what to do exactly - when it comes to the area around her neck, front and back sprite aren't really consistent. And while the back sprite is somehow closer to the original outfit, it also would be easier to edit it to match the front one (which, at least for me, looks like the collar belongs to the coat and the tie is underneath rather than on the collar). So one can either simply move the head a bit or modify her neck entirely, which also will affect the position of her head. EDIT: 1. my previous post 2. the head a bit lo
  5. I don't really have an opinion about her expression, but it probably wouldn't hurt if Mightyena was not smiling. As for hair, I think she could have a bit more of it, but I may be wrong about it. (+ fixed background, at some point it started having more than one color)
  6. @laGashetaHardcore @CrookedWings427 According to the front sprite, the make-up under her eyes is supposed to reach lower on her cheeks than it currently is on all previous back sprites. So... kind-of-science-but-not-exactly? (I guess you don't need yet another random person who messes with your work, but I hope I'll be forgiven someday)
  7. Yeah, this is special to PokeMMO and correct. All available pokemon (except for Porygon?) can be found in the wild in this game.
  8. I say yes to smiling Oddish. The former pose seems to be more fitting after all, at least given her current expression.
  9. I haven't said that current pose is bad (or that the suggested one would be better), it was simply some idea which can be ignored. However I do think that the expression could be changed. Gloom is gloomy because, well, it's Gloom, but it doesn't mean that the rest of family must have the same face.
  10. @Moetal When I'm thinking of Oddish, I'm seeing its adorable and almost unfailing smile. This mon should be more cheerful! You could also try putting one/both of her hands up and see what will happen.
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