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  1. omg trinity seven is magic i love it. levi and lilith are my favs

  2. Come back bae.

    1. fredrichnietze


      whats a bae? but yea come back

  3. 2 kewl 4 u

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    2. Kazooka


      lol i cant remember my password atm. ill keep trying

    3. fredrichnietze
    4. Kazooka


      i ran out of password attempts trying to log in. rip.

  4. you're online

    1. Eggplant


      love meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    2. Kazooka
    3. Eggplant




  5. I just got this new protein. Zero carb Sro. It looks like breast milk, and it has clumps in it and it smells like spoiled milk. GG 40.00. Mfw it's 2lbs. Wish me luck and pray I don't puke :) Never again. Update: taste like complete shit and I gagged. Rip me.
  6. I did shoulders today and a guy walked in and looked exactly like Jesse aka eggplant. . I thought he found me and wanted to be my gym partner finally. Was disappointed when it wasn't him. :( someday egg, someday!
  7. Work has taken over my life. lol RIP but $$$.

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    2. Kazooka
    3. Articein


      I'm back on again (if you even remember me lol). Add me if you get back on. :)

    4. Kazooka


      ah! welcome back :) i havent been on much lately since work and what not. when i get back on ill add you

  8. looks like we're paired up for PSL this week. With my work schedule now im only available on weekends, what about you?

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    2. Fabbroo


      uuh, it would be perfect for my morning

    3. Eggplant


      I subbed out kazooka for inarin. Try to set up a match with him, if you can. x:

    4. Fabbroo


      account foroum inarin?

  9. Suns out guns out! It's biceps and abs today. \o/
  10. Hi! We're paired up this week for psl. I work in a greenhouse so I'm busy all week but sat and sun sometime works best for me.

  11. you aint ready for this, when are you available?

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    2. Kazooka


      okay lets do late friday then, i need to get a few more UU comps done before i battle you >:)

    3. Toast


      8:30pm EDT?

    4. Kazooka


      yup thats fine!

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