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  1. Gilgamesh


    I'll give you my tag if I actually buy the game, right now its still up in the air whether I buy it or not.
  2. Gilgamesh


    Reminder if I ever see any of you turds playing Hanzo, Widowmaker, or Mercy and you're on the enemy team This is going to be me I guess I should also tell you guys who I main, though I'm not gonna drop my tag here. Mains: Winston, Roadhog, Reinhardt, in that order (we tanks boys) Most hated character(s): Mei, McCree (i sure do love getting flash banged into a Fan the Hammer and dying even though i have like 700 HP, epic)
  3. Gilgamesh


  4. You just post the url, it embeds automatically. Unless it's not actually doing that for you then idunnolol
  5. Herc is just really unbalanced fam, the only reason he loses in any of the routes is because of Saber or Gilgamesh. Gilgamesh in particular being his perfect counter because he has countless different noble phantasms which basically ignore God Hand's immunity effect cause they're all different weapons, in addition to an anti-divine servant chain.   Cu is a really strong lancer, much more so than Diarmuid, but Luck is a factor in this series for some reason and he's got none of it. He might have had a more real chance to win if his original master was still around, because she is strong and actually capable of 1v1ing servants that aren't Hercules, but if he distracted Herc long enough she would make quick work of Illya, no doubt.
  6. Fucking Girafarig   edit: I actually just went through that thread again and it was so funny seeing everyone be like   WOW WTF THIS HINT IS BULLSHIT FUCKING SCAMLEE   and we're just like "dude 9 missing letters lmao"
  7. I'll go ahead and quote the wiki for you again   From the Battle section of the Servants page: "When describing their strength, they can be likened to a single jet fighter in pure attack power, far beyond the ability for a single person to fight. While strong, they would have to refuel many times in order to destroy a city. Though there are many modern weapons that are more powerful, their status as spiritual bodies makes them among the most powerful due to being immune to modern weapons."   So basically what I'm saying is, even if Chu Culainn could pick up a gun and shoot it, it wouldn't deal damage. Nothing in the modern world can hurt a Servant, unless it is being used by Lancelot, because Lancelot turns modern weapons into magical weapons that are capable of harming Servants. That's irrelevant though, because I was talking about Cu using his weapon, Gae Bolg, to strike Hercules normally. When Cu attacks Hercules even once, the wound will heal and Hercules will no longer take damage from Gae Bolg's normal strikes. He will still take damage from Gae Bolg, but again, if it even kills him, which it might not because he has a very high luck stat like Saber and Cu has E Rank Luck, it'll only kill him once, and then he becomes immune to that too. At this point, he would have 10-12 lives left, and thrown Gae Bolg wouldn't be strong enough to take out his remaining lives due to his extremely high Endurance stat. There's also the fact that he's fighting him at the same time as all this.
  8. Servants are spirits, you can't shoot a fucking Servant and deal damage to it. Modern weaponry cannot harm a Servant. You're citing the fucking anime which contains no information, and you're bringing up books, like what have you even read? Have you ever touched the visual novel? It doesn't sound like it. Also what speculation? With Shirou as her master, she has C rank endurance compared to Heracles' A. In the Fate series, a difference of C to A is EXTREMELY huge, and EVEN with Rin as her master, she has B rank endurance. Are you going to tell me a Gae Bolg buffed only 1 rank, when the previous Gae Bolg couldn't kill Saber, would even come CLOSE to taking even half of Herc's lives?   Not to mention this shit with Rin is literally just you citing the wiki and it doesn't even say she will definitely take 6 lives. Here let me quote the wiki for you since you're so fond of it.   "Illya comments that Rin utilizing five times the jewels required to take one life may have been able to take all six lives" Not even 100%.   In addition, when I was referring to regular attacks I was not referring to modern weapons like guns, I was referring to literally Cu attacking Hercules with his weapon. He can only kill him with that once(he becomes immune to it regardless if it dealt damage or not), Gae Bolg once and thrown Gae Bolg isn't strong enough to take 10 lives. If you have anything else to say I'd be glad to hear it, maybe next you'll tell me he'll kill him 10 times with his honor because honor can't lose.
  9. Sabers are hailed as the strongest of the 3 Knight classes (Lancer Saber and Archer) but it doesn't necessarily mean the Saber you summon will be stronger than the Lancer or Archer summoned. Unless you have a Catalyst to summon Arturia then there are few servants who could match her. For Lancers, I think Romulus would be very powerful in a Grail War and could potentially match Arturia. Karna is also strong as fuck and basically Gilgamesh tier. Pic related it's our lord and savior Romulus [spoiler][/spoiler]   Additionally, Grand classes now exist as of Fate/Grand Order. The only one we know of is Solomon, King of Magic and Grand Caster. The Caster of Casters. We don't know who the other Grand servants are yet, but they're without a doubt the most powerful of their class. Solomon is so strong, he can summon himself from the Throne of Heroes to whatever time period he wants. I'm honestly really hoping they don't cop out and make Arturia the Grand Saber because when you show off Solomon like that how can she even compare? The dude oneshot three powerful servants at once.
  10. Even with runes he still could not, Gae Bolg with rune buffs will take 1 life and then Herc will gain immunity to it. The Gae Bolg that pierces the heart is NOT that powerful when it misses, otherwise Saber wouldn't even have fucking survived despite dodging the lethal blow. Upgrading it by 1 rank doesn't turn it into Excalibur. If you count the thrown weapon as a different Noble Phantasm then the sheer explosive force of it could potentially take several lives but not enough to win. If something like that could kill Herc 12 times Archer wouldn't be standing after taking it, Rho Aias or not.   Also even if he kills Herc with regular attacks, he will only be able to do so once. Hercules is a ridiculously broken servant that even the author has gone on record saying he thinks it's really stupid and overpowered.   If you try and tell me an A rank regular attack can take more than 1 life then you're just completely wrong. It shouldn't even kill him once,and even if it does he gains resistance to it right after. Cu literally DOES NOT have enough tools, nor the right ones to fight and defeat Herc and in the setting of Fate/Stay Night, the only characters who are even capable of beating him are Saber, Gilgamesh, Sakura(maybe) and Saber Alter.
  11. You're stupid and don't understand how God Hand works at all. Cu Chulainn has no way of beating Hercules, for several reasons, and they're all God Hand 1. God Hand nullifies all attacks that are lower than A Rank. This means that all of Lancer's normal attacks will be nullified, because his strength stat is lower than A. 2. God Hand provides Heracles with an immunity to something once it deals damage to him (note: It has to deal damage). 3. Heracles has to be killed 12 times. Cu cannot kill him 12 times with just Gae Bolg, even if you consider the thrown version a different Noble Phantasm. At most he can kill him twice, and then loses because he can't hurt him anymore   In addition, modern weaponry such as guns have no effect on Servants. The only time they do is when Lancelot turns them into D Rank Noble Phantasms, which are a world of a difference.   Please stop talking about things you don't understand you giant secondary.   edit: and no, even with Runes, he wouldn't fucking win. Not enough of his different runes can allow him to kill Heracles 12 times. The only reason Saber can do it is because she literally kills him 12 times instantly because Excalibur is fucking stupid. The only way you're ever going to see him win is if he's fighting a heavily nerfed version of Herc. Turn off your Lancer boner.
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