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  1. kakaloto

    E4 suck now

    Hurl all of the insults you like in defense of the current system, my 2 cents is this: They generally don't even follow a theme, have legendary pokes, are at the peak of the current meta- and aren't fun to fight *at all*. Win or lose it's like taking a slow, switchy cheesegrater to my soul. Suggestion is that the e4 need tweaking, though if I remember these forums correctly I'm sure the official opinion/response will be "The meta is perfect, I worked on this for hours. **** your suggestion" Either way I've suggested it.
  2. Never played showdown and not sure how it's relevant. I get that it must have indicators for such things, just don't see the point of your post, daft. Are you against the idea?
  3. I suggest that we use little icons to indicate things like flying, spikes, digging, diving, confusion, leech seed etc- but also for stat increases/decreases. For the stats it would be just excellent if they specifically said how many stages they'd been boosted/penalized, (could use a little + or - number in the stats colour or something.)
  4. I've been wanting an automated pvp tournament system forever now. It will be a lot of work for the devs, but it could totally revive the endgame. Also I really like your thoughts on using a ranking system to discourage exploitation. Lets hope they do something like this with the battle frontier.
  5. Fair enough. The bit about UU was in a "maybe even" part of the suggestion though. The main idea is toning it down/having the option of an easier TT with far less payout. It will still be a grind, but *you* can have more variety in your pokes.
  6. I see your point Senile, but really man there's no reason to swear and such. Also I have to ask, do you ever actually hit up the trainer Tower?
  7. Oh, hi there :) *stops sanding canoe*   I used to like to run the trainer tower for fun. It can be quite challenging and the payoff for multiple successful runs can make quite a lot of pokeyen. Lately I'm finding it as monotonous as paydaying though. I have a 'maximum efficiency' team for farming BP, but if I switch out a few pokes to add a wildcard or a UU it all falls apart. So, as I want the BP, I'm stuck using the same party over and over and over. The only pokes it seems okay to switch for without losing efficiency are all OU, (and overly OU by me.)   My suggestion is a trainer tower with more random pokes, UU's, tricky BL's etc, and a lower BP payout. Maybe even the option of running a UU or NU trainer tower- also with a lower payout. As it is, the trainer tower is both boring *and* merciless at the same time: You can either use the same team or slightly differing variations of great pokes, over and over until you implode- Or you can train up and experiment with your favorite UUs and watch them get violated. Every. Time.  Please introduce a happy medium or at least *some* variety. Thank you for your time.   *goes back to sanding canoe* 
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