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  1. Finally 4th OT, after 3 months of hunting it and shit tons of encounters. Thanks to all of my team mates who shared their shiny charm with me ❤️
  2. IGN: BrunoMarin Region: Croatia Tiers: OU Discord: will add later Personal Note: I'm new to PVP :)
  3. What a nice young gentleman. I wonder what happened to his pants.
  4. I mean people complained about berries for months, it was kinda expected when they announced PTS and new patch.
  5. Is Bestfriends paying 1x amulet coin for each fake account?
  6. Could we get something like this for events in community tab or something
  7. Then why don't you just make your own PokeMMO and let as many people as you want in staff so you will have all the content instantly.
  8. Around 20m in my opinion.
  9. Everyone in PIMP team and @FlareBlitzz
  10. Why don't we just make every wild pokemon have 6x31 IVs and 1/10 chance of it being shiny?
  11. IMO they should add option to ping your location and channel at least in whisper.
  12. Honestly? Just delete the game and take a pause. I did that in March and came back after 10 or 11 days because I was bored. I play little less than before but it's still fun to shoot the shit with friends in a team or hunt/save money for your favorite shiny.
  13. When you collect enough money using above methods you can buy Limited Vanitys and just sit on them, they will increase over time. Boar Hood and Costume are pretty cheap right now.
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