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  1. I gave away near perfect Horseas for basically nothing thinking I was getting good deals.


    I then donated all the Lucky Eggs I got from them as a tournament prize, so oh well. Wouldn't have mattered much anyway/


    Are Lucky Eggs even still a thing? Maybe I should play again.


    Yeah, I suppose they still are a thing. I see other players wanting to buy/sell them in the Trade chat for around $300,000.

  2. Making an attempt to exchange virtual game currencies with real currencies. My account and characters from 2013 have now been suspended. I have filed an account suspension appeal in an attempt to have the suspension revoked. If it is revoked, I'm not planning on making the same mistake again. I feel ashamed. 

  3. Nope, they're all ut.

    I mean, even my personal smeargle isn't a lvl 100 yet


    Ah, alright. I'll get back to you if I decide to take an UT Smeargle. Cheers for the fast response, pal.

  4. Hi,


    I'm looking for a lvl 100 Smeargle with the moveset SPORE/FALSE SWIPE/PAYDAY/x. Do you happen to have one like this? 


    Cheers buddy. 

  5. This may seem a tad bit off-topic, but if you manage to find yourself a team, Karime, would you mind sending me an invitation? I've been playing PokeMMO since mid-2013 and have never given teams a second thought. I have a team of my own but it only has two other people, of which both are inactive nowadays. I'd be nice to have some people to converse with on a daily basis in-game. Thanks.

  6. Shiny sentret for gyarados, or I have a bunch of lower stuff I could offer, check out my shop and tell me if you see anything you like


    Thanks for your offer, but I'm more interested in Poke-yen than trades for other shinies. 

  7. Not grinding more back in the earlier days. Now it seems a lot harder to breed Pokemon and amulet coin doesn't seem to reward you with as much as it used to do back in 2013. With that being said, I've only logged 250 hours in over two years...  -_-

  8. Uzi's Market Stall



    Hi there, and welcome to my PokeMMO market stall! I don't have an awfully large amount of items for sale, although I plan to stick with this one topic and continue to update it when I have more items/Pokemon in stock.  ^_^ 


    For the meantime, here's what I have to offer you:





    Bag_Blue_Shard_Sprite.png- $10,000 each - None in stock

    Bag_Yellow_Shard_Sprite.png- $20,000 each - None in stock

    Bag_Green_Shard_Sprite.png- $35,000 each - None in stock

    Bag_Red_Shard_Sprite.png- $35,000 each - None in stock


    Bag_Everstone_Sprite.png- $20,000 each - None in stock

    Bag_Soft_Sand_Sprite.png - Open to offers - 1 in stock








    Timid nature - lvl. 40 - 14-16/24-26/22-23/4-6/29-31/29-31


    Unconfirmed IVs but only because I caught it and haven't had the time to confirm them myself.









    Serious nature (male) - lvl. 20 - x/30-31/x/x/x/30-31


    Unconfirmed IVs but only because I caught it and haven't had the time to confirm them myself. 









    Careful nature (female) - lvl. 30 - 30-31/30-31/x/x/x/x






    That's all I have available for the meantime. Just testing the waters with my Shiny Gyarados and not actually 100% planning to sell it any time soon. Will consider any reasonable offers thrown my way, though. Thanks for viewing!  :D 




  9. Ah, so you're the one I complimented on your in-game name a couple of days ago.  :P I'm glad to see you have registered an account on the board. Looks like you're planning on becoming a frequent face around these parts. You will be probably surpass me in posts in no time, ha.

  10. Giving this thread a friendly bump, too. We should have it so that the trainers progress in levels, similar to the Elite Four. There's no point in using the VS seeker on a trainer that have Pokemon which are level 10, because those wouldn't gain you a lot of EXP. We should be able to battle the same trainers but at higher levels. Hope this suggestion gets taken into consideration.

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