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  1. I'm all for this.   Although I don't trade between alts very often, it's still a process that I find to be a pain in the backside when I need to do it. 
  2. Cheers for the information. I'm thinking about starting out with Abra and completing an alt-run. 
  3. Ah, so you're the one I complimented on your in-game name a couple of days ago.  :P I'm glad to see you have registered an account on the board. Looks like you're planning on becoming a frequent face around these parts. You will be probably surpass me in posts in no time, ha.
  4. I appreciate this EV training guide, guigoz0rd. I found it very useful.
  5. Thought I'd give this a friendly bump, seeing as I was thinking of making a suggestion regarding this myself.
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