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  1. Truly they are becoming the superior race. Literally counted like 20 new ones in like a day. It's getting crazy.
  2. Watch streams/catch up on tv shows and either help my guildmates in LYLE with stuff if needed. Or afk until DCd.
  3. SuzPeX


    HYPE. Is it new content?
  4. A huge thank you, to you guys for being so welcoming. It's lit.
  5. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    Yeah would be interesting to see who is the richest in general. And who has the biggest collection.
  6. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    yeah ofc. but being able to buy anything you want is pretty awesome. I would say being the ultimate collector/pvp is a lot better imo but it's still cool
  7. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    Yeah i know but it's still cool
  8. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    That's a ton of money man wow.
  9. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    See that's what i was wondering cause i feel dirt broke but then again i just pretty much just got back lool I wonder how much yen that is lool
  10. SuzPeX

    Just a thought..

    With all the time the project has been around I had a weird thought as to wonder who is the richest player on the server? that's still active.
  11. I'm not the monster you think I am, I'm worse.


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