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  1. IGN: KidSuzPeX Timezone: US EST; Florida Fluff: I play all tiers and enjoy comp mons. I'm in LYLE. (DoubleJ Approves) Is a team player. Much support so wow. Preferred Tiers: OU, UU, SM OU. Most Preferred Manager: Pachima Least Preferred Manager: Anyone that isn't Pachi.
  2. Truly they are becoming the superior race. Literally counted like 20 new ones in like a day. It's getting crazy.
  3. Watch streams/catch up on tv shows and either help my guildmates in LYLE with stuff if needed. Or afk until DCd.
  4. HYPE. Is it new content?
  5. Yeah would be interesting to see who is the richest in general. And who has the biggest collection.
  6. yeah ofc. but being able to buy anything you want is pretty awesome. I would say being the ultimate collector/pvp is a lot better imo but it's still cool
  7. Yeah i know but it's still cool
  8. That's a ton of money man wow.
  9. See that's what i was wondering cause i feel dirt broke but then again i just pretty much just got back lool I wonder how much yen that is lool
  10. With all the time the project has been around I had a weird thought as to wonder who is the richest player on the server? that's still active.
  11. Yeah, it took about 30 mins but i got it settled. Played a few hours before my nap before work got the second badge in the new region. Was fun enjoyed the nostalgia. Thank you!
  12. Thanks man, currently waiting on an email change request because I can't access my old email for the security code..
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