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  1. I'm sure that if you apply yourself and play for a while you'll catch on and learn the type charts. I personally don't find this necessary. If something like this would be implemented, it would probably be just a generic typing chart like this: [spoiler][/spoiler] That you'd be able to open by pressing a key.
  2. I noticed. It's been about 5 months since the last update, but I get it. They need to be careful with everything they introduce. An update will come eventually, I'm sure.   Thanks, I've been playing around a bit and experimenting with the breeding, mostly. Although it seems I lost a lot of my money somehow, which is strange.
  3. Much appreciated, thanks.
  4. Well, that's interesting.   Also, is the new breeding easier than it sounds, or is it as confusing as it looks? Sorry for all the questions, I just figured it would be nice to have someone who's played through the new updates explain.
  5. Thanks, I actually remember you, haha.   I can tell. I just went over all the update logs, it's all pretty interesting. Is Mewtwo the only legendary in the game? It's implied that there are static legendaries that have been introduced.
  6. Hey, guys. I've decided to come back to PokeMMO after a long hiatus. The last time I was on was when Breeding was first introduced, actually. I'm not sure what's changed since then, but I'm excited to find out.
  7.   You'll have some company there.. Lucky Eggs, a 5% chance held item on Chanseys in the Safari Zone, are the main currency in PokeMMO if you didn't know. So, you won't be alone, I promise you that.   Welcome to the forums and (possibly?) the game.
  8. Once you post enough in the forums, you can post in the Suggestion Box. This is to ensure that you understand enough about the game to be suggesting things.   About your suggestions: The first part has already been suggested. In the future, you might want to check that. The second part is unnecessary. Currently, we need more things to spend money on, not to make money with. Also, nothing like that has ever been in the handheld games, and it just doesn't fit.   Finally, welcome to the forums.
  9. Breeder

    Indyo here.

    I'm pretty positive I've seen you in game before. Anyways, welcome! I like you already. Enjoy your time here.
  10. I would love this so much. Really, I just want my Aggron to not be one shotted by a harsh breeze.
  11. 4 HootHoots pulling a chariot on fire with a slaking in said chariot, and the slaking is shooting a laser beam from his eyes. Thanks in advanced.
  12. Forretress: Knox (Fort Knox) Wallnut (spelling intentional. It's a wall, and he looks like a walnut. God damn I hate myself for these puns) Fiona (I don't know, that's what I named mine). Sableye: Sabrina Jewely (Jewel and July  :unsure: ) Sienna   How's that  :)   Also, ninja'd by ZaphireZ  :ph34r:
  13. 4Chan (Website) Hitman (Paid to kill people) Assasschan (Based on Assassin) Jackie / Jackie Chan (Jackie Chan)   Whaddaya think?
  14. Hey guys! I'm Breeder, and I would like to introduce myself to the PokeMMO forums. I have been a member of PokeMMO itself for quite a while (you can usually find me as the user HuntHoot), and have been lurking these forums for the past couple of days. Despite what my somewhat conceited (that's fancy for asshole) username, I'm not a breeder in pokemon that loves to worry about IV's and all of that stuff. I care about the moves and the pokemon. I recently discovered a couple of very interesting combinations that you can create from breeding, including one specifically I am very proud of, and I will be sharing these as soon as possible. I hope to see you all in game, and I hope that these forums are as fun as they look.   TL;DR: I'm here to share stuff to people who care about said stuff. And I'm not as boring as I sound, I swear it.
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