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  1. Saw someone link this in chat today, noticed it wasn't reported on this thread so here you go:
  2. It's all good with me! That guide taught me how the breeding mechanics changed back in the day, so I'd love to contribute to it.
  3. Hey everyone, I just wanted to share an image I made last summer that helped me and my friends visualize the breeding process for competitive Pokemon. I made this guide myself during the summer of 2018, so if any information is wrong or out of date please let me know and I will update the image accordingly. A few assumptions this guide makes: -Costs assume that you catch all of your own breeders, and doesn't factor in the price of pokeballs. -When breeding, costs assume that you're breeding a Pokémon with a 50/50 gender ratio. Pokémon that do not have a 50/50 gender ratio will cost more. -This guide also assumes that you buy your own Everstones priced at 10k. If you get them cheaper or Thief them yourself, you will save some money. Other notes: -You don't have to follow the colors exactly, you can color code it however you want, as long as it's consistent (Ex. HP could be red, Attack could be Orange, etc.). However, you should keep the natured part as it is. -The tree only includes Attack, as you usually want to save money by only breeding for either Attack or Special Attack. Mixed attackers or other 6x31s are therefore not represented in this image. -You might save a lot of money by doing all of the non-natured pokemon first, as you may get the nature you want randomly during the process. I plan to turn this tree into a breeding calculator at some point, but for now I thought some people may get use out of this. Any feedback is appreciated.
  4. I was brainstorming last night, and I think I might have a solution involving tree permutations. Probably won't be the most efficient solution but I could probably make it work. I was wondering if pokemmo had some kind of API for data like this, thought about doing a GTL web tracker to see price history and things like that, but that's beyond my ability. Either way, if I ever get to egg moves I will keep that in mind, and might even reach out for other things such as egg groups. Thanks for the info!
  5. Saw this yesterday and i think may try to pick up this project, as I assume it's dead. Ill make my own topic if I ever get it to a usable state.
  6. Can't wait for this event! Myself (TheMoveDeleter) and idubbbz will be in a duo!
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