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  1. hehe wow, i forgot all about spriting O_O so busy xD thanks for picking that stuff up! and hey atumisk :) the spriting thing was something i did just to check out if i could do it :P its quite funny but also gives a massive headache if you're counting pixels the entire time
  2. Didnt forget you guys dw. they'll be done during sunday (sorry i got some deadlines to catch up to with my company. + after working on the last 2 yesterday i got a splitting headache for counting pixels xD ) I didnt forget <3 list for myself: theBlackshade Authentica Spixx Owner23 Gimmedollar Nullie
  3. wow. lots of requests haha ill be busy ok so here are first 2: 1-Takafumi 2-Amriella (edit)
  4. Its ok ill change it when im home. Easy adjustment
  5. p.s. I was looking into making it a bit more different from other sprite threads. how do you guys feel about it if they were delivered on a custom page like this:
  6. Hai, got it noted, you're next on the list :) Hai wb! :) ill adjust it for you, could you please edit your post on here and tell me the adjustments again ^^ you're 2nd on the list Hey got it, 3rd on the list . OK so it's 5:30 AM now and i need some sleep @[email protected] list for tomorrow 1-Takafumi 2-Authentica (edit) 3-TheBlackshade
  7. your sprite has been added to my thread here
  8. lxlSniperzlxl, on 24 Jun 2013 - 7:29 PM, said: Sure ^_^ Its a female character wearing a tuxedo and a black cap, but can you give her a skirt if possible? also maybe riding the Pokemon which is Absol :3 that was the request. last one I'm doing from Atumisks thread, will edit it when done :) Edit: wow this took a lot of work :O quite hard to place a character on a pokemon instead of vice versa
  9. Hey all, well I just started spriting 2 days ago (23th of june 2013) seeing if I could do it as well as Atumisk did in his topic. He is/was on bootcamp and a lot of requests were still laying around. People seemed to be please with my work and some requested my own thread, so here it is. Thank you all for your kind response and feedback. If you see anything I could do better please let me know, I got the taste of spriting and I want to get better! These are some sprites I did thus far , here's the big editions: Roofpigeon [spoiler] [/spoiler] Authentica[spoiler] [/spoiler] ForgottenSoul[spoiler] [/spoiler] Meltedcheese[spoiler] [/spoiler] Barrage[spoiler] [/spoiler] Buu[spoiler] [/spoiler] I placed them in my own little city. =)
  10. aw thanks, i will, i dont want to fill the original thread maker's thread with my sprites ^^ and thank you for the tip, i see what you meant. the requests that got here, i will take em along in my new thread edit: clicky
  11. can you post it again please? :) tell me if its team rocket outfit, ill change it
  12. heyy , sure i'll do them :) glad you guys like them. could you do me one favor though? See i'm an oldie (1988) and I never really got into pokemon after the original 151. So if you want to post a pokemon along which is not part of the original 151, then state the pokemon's name so i can find out how it looks :) Cause i have no idea which pokemon this is.. gimme a day or so and ill make em
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