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  1. 不是鸽了,我最近比较忙,没时间登mmo,明天起继续更新
  2. 在MOD文件中对战界面与宝可梦摘要界面用的是同一个精灵模型与放大倍率,想要放大对战时地方闪光精灵大小宝可梦摘要就必须放大,目前不存在可以讲两个分开处理的方式,如果我说的不对还请指出,这是我做闪光放大MOD得出来的个人见解
  3. 现在还能用吗?试了好几次没成功过
  4. 都会影响,你说的MOD目前不存在
  5. 听说萌新扶持项目已经被社区自己删除了,我也没在讨论屋里找到
  6. As far as I know, half month after kyu first announced the start date of its 10th anniversary event, some people started to hype it 💔 Since then, the post has become the first channel for capitalists to focus on the 10th anniversary and facilitate their better hype
  7. Inside the red square is the staff with have Legendary Pokemon I'm not sure blue has Legendary Pokemon
  8. So it's not the finished product?
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