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  1. Seen 7 episodes, no recaps. It's a decently paced show. The mc is an edgelord.
  2. Watching Black Cat. Better than I expected.
  3. TV Series Hub

    Watched the pilot of the good doctor, it's decent. House was amazing.
  4. oh damn oh damn oh damn, oh damn, that finale of classroom of the elite. season 2 pl0x
  5. K-Pop Thread on Air !

    Taeyeon ftw
  6. Cover Photo

    Why are we becoming Facebook?
  7. Everstone rates

    Standard dev reply: lol you're just unlucky.
  8. Forum Clubs??

    Club isn't the best place to find love, to the forums is where I go.
  9. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    i hoped for a more brutal end of littlefinger in the middle of king's landing but this was acceptable as well.
  10. The AI in Pokemmo is broken

  11. Classroom of the elite is amazing. Absolutely loving it.
  12. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    They are really holding onto EP 7. I hope the hackers get good next week
  13. Back in the day, I tried to sell a shiny for 100 mil and then pretended that I actually meant to sell it for that much. At least now I know how many zeros 10 mil has.
  14. Game of Thrones Discussion Thread. [SPOILERS]

    Arya is gonna kill littlefinger either way. I just hope sansa dies somehow. I'm just happy Ser Davos isn't in the raiding party. Nice buildup in this episode.

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