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  1. Bishav

    Berry farming

    Can't scroll down in seeds menu.
  2. Bishav

    Merge Acro and Mach bike

    We in 2018 now, with a new region. Come on guys.
  3. Bishav

    Won't update

    Had to delete the original apk file and follow desu's post on another thread It worked.
  4. Bishav

    Won't update

    Oneplus 5, 8gb ram, Android 8.1.0
  5. Tried unblocking players in block list. Nothing pops up, no matter how many times I try pressing the name.
  6. Get your classics right- trigun, desert punk, cowboy bebop
  7. Bishav

    best hax

    Isn't freeze clause there to prevent such things?
  8. Bishav

    A Player you will never forget.

    Some noob GM who lost to e4, back when they could be beaten by a team of quick attack Rattata. What was his name again?
  9. Bishav

    Pokemmo - A Thank you to the Players

    A veteran cape for every 1K hr spent in game.
  10. Bishav

    nikeboy's alt

  11. Make sure you try all the watch orders
  12. I thought general discussion was already in place for that. Yeah we really need another place for less harassment from the mods.
  13. Bishav

    new mayor of pokemmo BESTFRIENDS

    I'm dead, rip sides o7 mayor is not a dead meme after all. Mayor bestfriends, how are you planning to deal with the loss to the community that happened today? Yes, I mean Stephen Hawking.

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