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  1. Bishav

    i have a question about how to be staff

    Hold desu's pillow waifu hostage and put forth your demands. gg ez
  2. Ayy this seems to be a good season. New feel good anime is really nice. Tonari no kyuuketsuki San https://myanimelist.net/anime/37579/Tonari_no_Kyuuketsuki-san
  3. Bishav

    getting promoted to SGM

    "Help me gm, it was my little brother not me who did this" Imagine the pain of gmods and cms, they might be needing assistants to go through their messages.
  4. Bishav

    Bug? I just need help!

    Open bag, then click and drag to move the hotkeys around(with the bag open)
  5. Ssss. gridman is amazing, loving it. Also, tada never falls in love(romcom) is quality stuff.
  6. Bishav

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    It's pokemmo, we like doing things at the 11th hour. Halloween event will probably be tomorrow and carry on till weekend.
  7. Bishav

    will there be a Halloween event 2018?

    At least we get another dxpweekend.
  8. Manga is worse. Also lmao they had to add a disclaimer from second episode onwards. I remember trying the first episode and going-hey another Anohana.
  9. Goblin Slayer looks promising. First episode got dark pretty fast.
  10. Gokudolls is insane, just like asobi asobase. Asobi asobase > chios school road >= gokudolls Best of the season gone by.
  11. We need an anime circling around bowsette. @KingBowser your thoughts on bowsette?
  12. Bishav

    Merge Acro and Mach bike

    We in 2018 now, with a new region. Come on guys.
  13. Get your classics right- trigun, desert punk, cowboy bebop
  14. Bishav

    best hax

    Isn't freeze clause there to prevent such things?

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