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  1. "bato-man" watched both seasons of quan zhi fa shi, decent anime with weird pacing. season 1>season 2 also the subs are awesome.
  2. Music General Thread

    Her voice is just so amazing
  3. GTL styled search bar for PC

    Give us the option to search the pokemon in our PC using parameters like min/max ivs. It will really make my life a hundred folds easier while trying to breed.
  4. [WiSo] Wicked Society

    Finally done with finals. God it felt like forever.
  5. What's up with shokugeki no souma's animation these days? It's such a brilliant anime but these last few episodes have been a downer for me.
  6. Unsaleable items (Ghost items?)

    something something, it will damage economy, something something.
  7. Sabagebu is hilarious. Loved it
  8. Like 15 people play this game and 7 of them are staff.
  9. Anime Opening/Ending Thread

    I love this one
  10. ~30 Days to go until Unova

    Lack of pc space if they don't increase it within the first batch of updates.
  11. Yeah, a sequel was announced. They made two 50 min each ovas and got away with it I guess. Watched rewrite. s2 gets a lot better than s1. Even though ending seemed rushed.
  12. Watched suisei no gargantia. Chambers is badass.
  13. I remember reading shu's post somewhere recently, it stated that he hopes to get back working on mmo for Android in 2018.

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