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  1. 30 mins up
  2. gtl how to access gtl >pc>global trade link
  3. Btw iirc that's a quote by Itachi uchiha who justified himself after killing his entire clan in the name of peace. I agree everyone has their own viewpoints and reasons for their actions, I just want more reasonable response to actions. If someone hides a post which took a while to write, the least a moderator could do is give explanation for their action. They could even clear their doubts as stated in the OP. A simple-" I didn't get you there" goes a long way. //People talk about forums being polished and professional.// I couldn't disagree more with you on that. If that's what you feel then it's cool. //Your correct, Forums is about discussing this about the game, but not about "hey that scarf in game looks great, you can sell that for 1 million."// Why? //People have different viewpoints of how much something is worth// A forum is a place where people put their different viewpoints. That's how we get estimates. We have no trade histories ingame and just searching for all trade threads is a huge ask. Spamming in trade chat is time consuming. //Guy A says 1 million and Guy B says 3 million, your mad at Guy A because he told you the wrong number. People have different ways of looking at things.// That's completely fine. This is a competitive game, people get mad if someone else overvalues/undervalues things. That's not an excuse for removing it. You have moderators for that very reason. //As for your "months without results" remark, the developers are hard at work trying to make sure Unova is at a workable state.// Strawman right there. My entire post was directed at the moderation of these forums -not the developers.
  4. Isn't that what's happening these days? I've seen multiple occasions on which people left saying those exact same words.(and by multiple I mean the entire laidback zone) No one likes to waste 10mins typing out a post just to see some trigger happy moderator remove it without giving a second thought. Professionalism gets lost somewhere in the fray when you have impulsive moderators. I mean yeah, following the rules is important but they are humans and not robots. Sometimes they need to understand the situation before acting on it. Some of the newer moderators don't even understand the old references in game and hide posts thinking it's spam. Forums being a place to discuss things about the game- Why aren't we allowed to "discuss" values of things ingame? Not talking about rwt. "Oh that Pokémon seems an ez 1mil to me" post removed. The value discussion post made by eggplant is outdated. They say they will carry on the talks about it pretending to have more "important" things to discuss and then spend months without results.
  5. Thread getting locked in the name of "take it to the admins" in 3, 2....
  6. I'm getting a feeling that Jamie will be killing Cersei in the next two seasons.
  7. PC>mail>type in game name(make sure to triple check it)>Type something in title and body >attach coins >send
  8. If it's just pokeyen, it takes 2K using the mailing system. Just make a new account if the characters are on the same account.
  9. i played this game once upon a time
  10. The title made me think of Disappointed/10
  11. Just finished dragon crisis and dragonar academy. I've lost hope in harem MCs.
  12. Catching a Pokémon is the cornerstone of this game. As you know, there aren't many hurdles early game, hence the only grind left for storyline is trying to find that one Pokémon that you desire. If a person desires a certain Pokémon, they should grind for it(either pokeyen or catching). If they just get it handed down, then it removes the sense of fulfillment gained in wasting your time for those pixels. This would further encourage the laziness among fresh players."Why should i work, when i get things for free" mentality. What really makes me wonder is that there are Pokémon listed at stupidly cheap prices on gtl. If there are still beggers ingame, then either they are trolling or don't know how to use the gtl. In which case, an ingame tutorial would be the way to go.
  13. New chuunibyou movie announced -winter 2018