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  1. Did someone hide your first post? how double post? The language though, its too fast to keep up
  2. Better stay around on the forums.
  3. I'm liking the Akashic records of a bastard magic instructor, second episode was awesome.
  4. Let the newuguu burn with them as well. H-hi.
  5. As the new region is here, why not change your avatar to something new?
  6. Are you back from the dead or it's just an April fool's thing?
  7. I hope it's not an April fool's joke.
  8. We already have two screenshot threads for those "moments" Revive them in creative media. General discussion is not for screenshot spamming. The other one linked earlier.
  9. Because that's its canon location in firered. /Thread
  10. Ecks Dee, you're the funniest person on these forums.
  11. Tbh last two updates consisted of Halloween and Christmas events which were temporary anyway.
  12. Hajimete no gal gets an anime this summer
  13. 60%of experience gained outside (battling NPC/ wild Pokémon) is added to the daycare Pokémon
  14. battle frontier
  15. Nice meme