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  1. They are really holding onto EP 7. I hope the hackers get good next week
  2. Back in the day, I tried to sell a shiny for 100 mil and then pretended that I actually meant to sell it for that much. At least now I know how many zeros 10 mil has.
  3. Arya is gonna kill littlefinger either way. I just hope sansa dies somehow. I'm just happy Ser Davos isn't in the raiding party. Nice buildup in this episode.
  4. See you in 3018 for the next update.
  5. Fanfics are going crazy with 2D and noodle ship.
  6. That ending of ep4 "flee you idiot"
  7. Remove the dead from the poll, then sansa and littlefinger would have a competition to behold.
  8. Or they play better games at home.
  9. Channel 1 vermilion should still be crowded with English speaking players and Daryl.
  10. Jon snow reaching dragonstone in one EP. New flash, messing timelines.
  11. [Joey] the rat kids
  12. It's called eugenics mate. Pokémmo finally decided to implement some twisted form of eugenics.
  13. Bong was renamed smog(because it suddenly became an inappropriate name after 3 years) which is dead now. RIP o7 Lyle is still around. VVVV is alive as well, from the old times. PoAu is another team that's been around for a while now. As for the top teams. Just gonna drop this and let you figure out yourself.
  14. it was hard to moderate as all the people would advertise trades all day. we had various events and random shittalk on global, so yeah, channel chat across all channels