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  1. nothing new, just another random with one of the rarest shinys in game
  2. oh well, its happening again
  3. yay a short hunt after 2 very long ones, 5563 encounters
  4. after 11 months of on and off hunting in shoal cave and 2 shiny golbats, it happened :D
  5. random teamless guys without vanitys walking with shiny starters seems to be a common thing in this game
  6. its always those completely random, teamless and without any vanitys people that find those ridiculously rare shinys, seems legit
  7. welp, after 2 months of hunting and almost 96k encounters it really feels like finally, also i got 22* ots now :)
  8. finally, after 95874 encounters, it finally happened
  9. i see someone proud of being a scammer in that chat, how sad
  10. nice shiny SLOWbro with 31 speed iv and + speed nature xD dis game
  11. These game changing updates kill games for some people, sadly thats the case for a few of us. But rather than complain i think its better to just accept the decisions made and move on. After all its not our game and devs can do whatever they think its best for their game.
  12. 3 growlithes jajajja enchanteur pls
  13. 5 hours and 33 minutes left of donator and this happens
  14. i was like "ill hunt a bit on mansion because wynaut" and this happens, after 39k encounters