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  1. see what u gotta do here chief is just lower the opponents hp to zero before they do the same to you then you never lose
  2. Personally i feel this is an excellent idea, why use hg/ss for johto when you can use a rom hack? it's genius! with the inclusion of all the games up to sun and moon it will help diversify the comp scene or something(THINK OF ALL THE NEW AFK SPOTS!!!), and I'm sure it will be easy to code so i imagine if they started now the devs could be done by tomorrow. as a curious side note if we need both X and Y and Sun and Moon wouldn't we need Ruby and Sapphire and Diamond and Pearl? what about black and white 2 or ultra sun and ultra moon?
  3. tbh i gave up long ago, i don't have the rng for this stuff
  4. sometimes i think the shiny rate might be a little TOO fair
  5. you know you might be on to something the update was released Jan 21st Jan 21st can be written as 1/21 1 21 1+21 is 22 the year is 2020 0 is merely a placeholder so u can shorten that to 22 22=22? coincidence? not likely Temtem was also released the name Temtem is a combination of two 3 letter words 3 like the generation pokemmo started with, pokemmo itself was released in 2012, 2+0+1+2=5 5 2+3 is 5 Tem is 3 letters Temtem is 2 words together coincidence? unlikely there are 6 letters total in Temtem pokemmo has 4 regions and 4 legendaries 4x4=16 16 if you recall from earlier 2020 take out the 0s leaves you with 22 22-16=6 6 the amount of letters in Temtem so basically the pokemmo=temtem
  6. don't you have any other games to play
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