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  1. Its hands down the best AFK simulator I've ever played
  2. lol u wyld wyd tho

    1. Show previous comments  5 more
    2. TeamRocketHarry
    3. TeamRocketHarry


      but I miss you



































      no uguu

    4. Telf


      if I get more time I will cuz like I miss the old times

  3. your profile pic is a thing of beauty

    1. pikabuuh


      haha i love this thing




      Weepinbell + any poke

  4. im upgrading to Dual Titans so i can run MMO at 5k fps
  5. medium rare? did some quik mafs 14,768 hrs is around 615 days you started mmo on September 27th 2015 which was 1,417 days ago so that means between when you started and now you've spent around 43% of your time playing MMO
  6. those are rookie numbers you gotta pump those up
  7. That's how it works in Gen 5 and onwards
  8. thats ok ill make HUGZ the anime team RISE was destined to be
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