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  1. well this has been brought up plenty of times and should obviously be a thing. staff gonna staff.
  2. yea i don't wanna have to scroll to see actual new threads, since they don't show up in latest threads thingy already.
  3. good job ignoring all the above posts stating OT IS NOT being treated the same way as any of your other sections, picking out 1 line and giving your same old response to it. it looks like you're not even trying at this point. also we are very aware this is not 4chan, thank you.
  4. been suggested alot & always got shot down because they don't wanna divide the playerbase over seperate servers
  5. theres some dots in the center of every floor that point out the floor you are on
  6. thats some tough opponents for UU2, wtf did they play in UU1 why the fuck was dede UU1, wtf did they play in UU2
  7. i made a comment because you can't even win without being an ass about it. and i don't even remember when i last played, but i'm glad you do.
  8. i think you're pushing this economy argument a little, i'm pretty sure some people winning midtier shinies won't break the economy. the playerbase can find 50 shinies in a single day, or 5 in a month, it's all pretty random.
  9. couldn't agree more with these. whats so bad about rewarding the players that are actually good at the game & winning tourneys with 'massive wealth'. compared to the other ways of getting said 'massive wealth', which include: finding a shiny yourself = 100% luck based. scamming a newbie = just shitty. grinding all day = lol won't even get massive wealth. I liked the idea of letting the winner chose his/her prize, but nowadays if you don't care about a gift shiny & the other options are 20k bp, which will only drop if battle frontier, or some vanity item for your secret base where nobody ever goes, yeaaaa no thanks.
  10. and the prizes are so random, from comp shiny misdreavus/shroomish, to tradeable shiny crobat, to non comp gift shiny koffing, is there any thought behind it?
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